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WHY does the upgrade to 4G LTE, STILL cost $130??? You would think that the cost for these would have come down by now...
It's got to be the MaxiPad..
If the limited plans are sold by GB, then I'm assuming that means the unlimited plans means unlimited GBs.. But that doesn't mean you have unlimited SPEED... Unless the plans guarantee a certain speed for the entire month, then AT&T has every right to limit the speed they give you.. Sucks, but that's the way it is..
So this now passes for news??? "An unsubstantiated rumor", "the aforementioned specifics were based on guesswork"... I read a rumor somewhere that the next iPhone will clip on your ear, and everyone will have to wear one.. Of course I'm just guessing that's how it will work..
So, you are the OWS rep on here?? Corporations are all evil?? It is THEIR LAND, they should be able to do whatever they want with it it.. No one owns the courts?? That's just your spin because they rule in a way YOU don't agree with.. Disney should own the copyright Mickey Mouse, Walt invented him.. I have no problem with anyone on the board, except maybe Al Gore?? I know he did invent the internet, but what has he done lately??
Yeah, big government is what we need?? Maybe he should just run for congress, since insider trading is legal there.
Maybe I'm missing the problem here, but I do this all the time..
Go crawl back into the basement.. Or back the OWS crowd.. Apple is not in business to give anything to anyone... Apple has the $80B by EARNING it... If you want to find the real cheapskates when it come to giving to charity, just look at Al Gore, or any liberal for that matter.. And as a LONG time Apple investor I am VERY happy with Apple...
Anyone ever try to use a 3DS for any length of time?? It made my eyes hurt just playing with the demo unit in Walmart.. In fact if you buy it for your kids, you should turn the 3D OFF..... From the Nintendo 3DS site: "Can Young Children Play Nintendo 3DS? Answer:The 3D feature should only be used by children 7 and older. Parents should use the Parental Controls feature to restrict access to the 3D mode for children 6 and under. The 3D feature will remain restricted...
Keep the aspect ratio, and the resolution the same as the iPad 2, and I think a 8" iPad would work.. But as usual, I'll believe it when I see it..
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