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We think this is pretty awesome... we tested Siri's voice recognition with multiple iPhones in the same room! Enjoy! :)  
WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE!!! It is buggy and it has not worked in over 5 years!! It will never delete old keyboard shortcuts, and it continually duplicates other keyboard shortcuts. Also, the keyboard shortcuts NEVER sync successfully across devices, either. This feature is a BUGGY NIGHTMARE FROM HELL. We have been reporting this to Apple since 2010. No fixes from Apple. Apple continues to ignore that this feature is 100% completely broken beyond belief. We have...
Publishers need to come up with alternate ways to fund their content, such as accepting micropayments using Bitcoin to view articles. Want to read an article? Pay a half-cent with Bitcoin. Instant, secure, no transaction fees, problem solved. Then, good content gets rewarded instead of click-bait articles.
Oh, okay, Apple... because soooooo many high school kids have prior experience with Java, Python, or C . SMH.
 Oh yeah, please explain to me how you're going to attach an external monitor on your cross-country flight? Or how you're going to carry your external monitor over to the coffee shop down the road? Or maybe you're somehow going to explain to me how you're going to ship your external monitor to you at the hotel you're staying at in another country? Get a clue, dude. If you're not a MOBILE PROFESSIONAL, then don't make comments about what you DO NOT KNOW.
Apple has literally gone insane. True video editing professionals & graphic design professionals & professional programmers need a LARGER SCREEN, such as the now-discontinued 17" MacBook Pro. But instead, they keep making things smaller. There was once a time when professionals could actually be MOBILE PROFESSIONALS with Apple's laptops. Not anymore. I sure miss the Steve Jobs days.
Good luck, Microsoft. I have no reason to ever use your crappy software ever again, thanks to Pages and Numbers and Keynote. Plus, Apple's office suite is free!! The only people stuck using MS Office are those hopelessly stuck in corporate cubicle jobs, so they obviously have bigger life problems to work out!
I hope that Apple releases this 4" iPhone. That is the one that I want to own. If they do this, it would show that Tim Cook is returning to his senses. The final thing they also need to do is bring back the 17" MacBook Pro. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do video editing on a 15" laptop.
Okay, but if you don't have the phone in your hands, you don't even know if the serial # given to you is the actual serial # of the phone being shipped to you. This whole tool just seems rather silly and pointless to me.
This makes no sense to me. What true value does this tool provide? Couldn't a phone get locked in between the time I check the status of it and the time I receive the phone from the seller?
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