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Just what I need. An iPhone so large that it doesn't fit in my pocket! And an iPhone so large that I can't use it one-handed. Wow, thanks Tim Cook, for your AMAZING INNOVATIONS since Steve died!! Meanwhile, the ONE LARGE THING that we really do need has been discontinued: the 17" laptop. High screen resolution doesn't matter if the pixels are so small that you have to squint while trying to edit video. Tim Cook and Phil Schiller are making a complete mess of Steve's house.
Looking forward to Apple finally fixing this bug! I've spent sooooo much time reprogramming my fingerprints%u2026 sometimes several times per week. It feels like I've reprogrammed my fingerprints more times than I've used my fingerprints to unlock my device!
Translation: "I'm going to manipulate AAPL stock downwards so I can buy more at a discount."
They should have kept production in China. The thing would be shipping in volume by now.
You're reading your statement wrong!
This has always been in all versions of iOS... the ability to make an emergency call without typing in the passcode. This is a feature, not a bug.
Yet someone could easily knock you unconscious and use your finger to unlock your iPhone. Seems much easier than trying to figure out what your 4-digit passcode is.
Touch ID? Terrible name. Very un-Apple-like.
Only difference between Samsung's fingerprint scanner and Apple's fingerprint scanner is that Apple's scanner will actually work.
These patent trolls need to be stopped.
New Posts  All Forums: