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Samsung copied every single thing about the iPhone, and they're calling Apple the imitators?? Talk about unethical behavior.
Apple is supposed to be the best technology company on the planet, yet they have never gotten LiveStreams right and they have never gotten preorders right. I'm being kind by not listing all the other things they've never gotten right!
And in other news, Mac OS 9 is no longer being supported.
Finally, this disgusting parasite of a human being is gone!! Good riddance to this disgusting man who has done more to hurt the Mac platform than almost any other man in existence. The man who has always allowed his company Intuit to treat all Mac users like second-class citizens, which still continues to this day. The man who has never lifted a finger of good for the Mac platform. The man who allowed his company to drop all support for Quicken for the Mac, then drop all...
More proof that the entire patent system (and the entire government) in America is completely broken. Nobody is going to confuse some clunky timecard system hanging on the wall at their office with Apple's svelte Touch ID fingerprint unlocking system for the iPhone.
The only people who "lost confidence" were the bankers who manipulate Apple stock on a daily basis for their own greed and profit. These are the same investment bankers and analysts who have destroyed the economy in conjunction with the Federal Reserve.
Makes no difference what they set the preview length to. We can listen to the entire song for free on Spotify.
The true test of character is not how you act when you are the little guy, but how you act when you have all the money & power. Now that Amazon.com is the only game left in town, they have shown that they intend to use their power for evil instead of good. The U.S. Department of Justice was supposed to protect us against anti-competitive monopolies like Amazon, but instead, they decided to shut down any businesses who tried to compete against Amazon. And now, this is what...
Um, Fadell, check the payer's name on your paycheck. It says Google. They make the decisions now. No matter how much you protest, nobody is going to believe you because you sold out and you don't make the decisions anymore.
I fully support this lawsuit 100%. It is completely unethical & illegal that Apple is hijacking people's text messages, just because those people decide to switch to a different phone. At the very least, Apple should give people the option to log into the iCloud website and disable iMessage. For those people commenting here that this woman should have known better, I'd love to see the temper tantrums you would be throwing if this happened to you. So just shut your traps....
New Posts  All Forums: