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 In my book, "Dr. Dre" represents something I find reprehensible. As a member of a group called N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes), he beat up on women for whatever reason (that he apparently paid off, too bad CRIMINAL charges were not pursued).  Now his past is considered "cool" and sells this urban chic culture crap (hey money talks, huh?).  Why not go back to his given name Andre Young and put his past behind him?  Would he be considered a sell out? I could care less about...
"I believe, play a small part in folding urban culture into the broader American culture. There is a substantial disparity, and an even bigger perceived disparity, between these two aspects of American culture (which most Americans are blissfully unaware of), which is a substantial contributor to the fact that America is #1 in the world in the rate of child abuse, per capita prison population, and teen pregnancy."   Urban Culture, is that what it is called? Does that...
Or maybe because he beat up a woman (Dee Barnes) and threw her down the stairs.
So I have iOS6 GM and I'm flying on Delta tonight, I'd love to get this working ASAP!!!
GPS radio is a battery killer
It says it now, but when I check after reading the article it still said "Coming Soon" in blue.  The "Coming in October" version was/is below the 10.7 release in orange.
Said "Coming Soon", now it says "Free Download" but when I check for updates says 10.6.3 is the current version. Seems slow to propagate out.
    Mercedes is reportedly discontinuing the Maybach in 2013.
    There's some really good deals on the 17" Sandy Bridge line up now (30% off) - delivered (no tax, free overnight shipping) for just over $1700, almost $800 off.  
    I was thinking along the same lines, just a little more than what you were thinking, but a lot less than they have now.   11 - MacAir 13 - MacAir 14 - MacPro 16 - MacPro   Only difference between Air and Pro besides size would be upgradeable/replaceable memory.   I had a 13 MacPro, and it was quite small (I gave it to my daughter).  I believe the screen real estate in the 13 MacAir is more.  My wife had the 15, but I got her the 17 (she loves the big high res...
New Posts  All Forums: