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" I wish I could use it naked."   You can, but I suggest you don't leave the house and keep the curtains drawn.
Practice, practice, practice. Then turn left at Greenland.
Plant almond trees around it and you have the California of Steve's youth - fruits and nuts. /s
The death laser app.
I could never fathom how Ayn Rand libertarianism and fundamental Christianity melded. Mysterious ways indeed.
 LDS filing lawsuit in 3 - 2 - 1..
Yeah, that would really be a bitch.
Because posting his email addy (mbromwich@goodwinprocter.com) would just be so, so wrong to do.
1. Go back in time to April 1954. 2. Kill Abdul Fattah Jandali. 3. Profit.
I heard Flopsy and Mopsy are holding out for better offers.
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