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 You guys crack me up.  Apple supplied them with access to the device before release so they could report their findings before launch, that's the point.  Did you really expect them to publish nothing until after it's already on everyone's wrists?
I don't see how they're going to keep up with approving apps within a couple of hours.  Unless they hire hundreds (maybe thousands) of employees to review apps or they just do a meaningless quick review that won't catch anything.   Plus now they opened a can of worms of disputing rejections, inconsistent interpretation of the rules, different outcomes for different developers depending on the day it was reviewed, etc.   
 I agree and have been thinking the same thing.  I have some hope that Apple has some kind of unique market research and may pull it off despite my/our predictions.  I just can't believe they're leaving the Apple TV to languish, there is SO MUCH potential in that market and it's ripe for the taking.  Apple could stomp Roku and Amazon TV if they put their attention to making a next gen box and could be in a significant portion of people's living rooms.  Even if they are...
I can understand asking reps to use Macs and OSX, but requiring presentations to be created and presented using Keynote, geez.  Many of us have been using Powerpoint for a long time, it takes time to switch to making presentations with something else and still be able to make professional looking material with deadlines.
Wow, I just checked and Steve was never person of the year.  Yet Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are?  What a load of crap.
Lol, so much for tablets taking over the world and replacing desktop/laptop computers!  Where are you guys who were predicting computers would be gone and everyone would be using tablets instead?  I still have yet to meet a single person who ditched their computer for a tablet.  
If I can push 1 button to skip the entire data entry process, that would be a strong incentive to pick that option.  Not sure if Apple Pay has that but they should allow an online store to get your address, name, and pay all without having to fill in everything.  That's the most annoying part of ordering online, all that data entry.
These estimates are garbage.  That price target is only $5 from today's price.  The odds of it hitting $120 in the next 12 months is pretty much 100%.  WTF do these guys get paid for?   Hey guys I got an even better target, $116!  I'm so right about this one, it's gonna hit sometime in the next 2 years, plz pay me my $500,000 analyst salary now.  Oh it hit 116 in 4 days?  Ok Ok, $119!
I used Pay 3 times at McDonalds and had trouble 2 out of those 3.  Each time the manager had to come out and help.  Apparently there is some kind of button they need to press on the register to finish the transaction and the employees were not trained, but the manager knew.  Kind of annoying to stand there holding out your phone trying to get it to work while people behind you are staring while they're looking for the manager.  I felt like one of those old ladies holding...
Apple is attacked on both ends.  If they make it too easy to install untrusted software and users run bad programs that steal their information, it's an OSX "vulnerability" and is Apple's fault.  If Apple locks down OSX more and makes it harder to be "infected" then their draconian walled garden is a terrible thing that is ruining the computing industry.  It's a no-win situation with critics. I think they have a good balance with OSX now.  It's an easy and smooth process...
New Posts  All Forums: