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 I hope not, what will the merger of the two companies become, some new type of company?  Apple is a hardware company and they should focus on that, if they are spread too thin with a big merger it would not be good.
That's what I thought 2 years ago, still holding and waiting...
 My company's Apple rep sends 1 ticket per year.  Anything beyond that we have to do the normal register process.  So at least 1 person from the company is guaranteed to be able to go.
Maybe they could have 2 per year and only allow people to attend one or the other, not both.  That would give the Apple engineers and presenters 6 months break between the two.  The winter conference could be more low key with less media and focused on developer sessions and meetings.
The iPhone doesn't need to be any thinner.  If depth room can be saved internally, please make the battery larger.  I'd rather have 2 days of charge.
The plane is assumed to be in water.  Apple ad has water in it.  All ads that contain water for the next 2 months are offensive.  /s
There aren't much details, but I didn't see this as a bandwidth deal, more of a content deal.  Comcast is providing content, and Apple is creating the set top box and user experience.  So it's really Comcast continuing to provide content to its own customers, just in a different way.     Now if Apple is supplying the content over the internet and Comcast is providing a special high priority traffic deal to Apple that degrades data from other sources, I could see that as...
 Amazon doesn't have a monopoly on anything.
I think you're overestimating how much can be found by a binary scanner.  It may find clear violations like using undocumented APIs, but code that is written to do things in a roundabout way is nearly impossible to decipher without a detailed analysis by a programmer.  It's very easy to confuse even the Clang/LLVM static analyzer which has full access to the source code. The only solution is to have a rock solid OS that can prevent apps from performing actions outside the...
I can't believe Apple would not have had some type of automated test for such a simple and important security check before release.  Hopefully they will add one now.
New Posts  All Forums: