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Wow, what an incredibly stupid move by Amazon.  #1, this is not really going to hurt the sales of Apple TV and Chromecast.  If customers want it, they can buy it from another retailer.  #2, the most significant result of this decision is bad press with little gain.  The exact opposite of a good marketing strategy.  
I wouldn't be surprised if it already happened with something.  They probably wouldn't air it since it's propaganda videos for their product.
 Yeah it stinks with the 16GB.  I reduced my apps down to 3 pages, I have no photos or videos, I reduced media stored in mail and messages, and I still have < 1GB free.
Apple needs to reign in retailers that have poor Apple Pay implementations.  I've been frustrated too many times trying to use it where I try multiple times, employee has no idea why it doesn't work, then I go back to swiping (which works 100% of the time).  I'm determined to keep using it, but even I'm a bit weary when I try it and there's a long line behind me.  I finally got my wife to try it and the first time she did, it didn't work.  Took a long time to get her to...
IBM's really been throwing Microsoft the middle finger lately.
 I'm not sure what you're saying here.  I'd like to use the Workout app and get my current pace and distance on the watch without taking the phone.  Are you saying that if I previously did that, the watch is somehow able to track pace and distance on its own for future runs?
I'm hoping for GPS, I'd really like to be able to run with just the watch and not have to lug the phone in my pocket or a bulky armband holder.
The whole time I was listening to them talking about this being the "one" music ecosystem to take over all others, I knew Apple had to make an Android app, there is really no other choice if they want it to be universally used.  I believe this is the first time Apple has developed a mobile app for another platform.
I wonder how much profit Apple makes annually on 3rd party items sold at Apple stores.  If people are going to buy it anyway, might as well make extra money selling it yourself.
 You guys crack me up.  Apple supplied them with access to the device before release so they could report their findings before launch, that's the point.  Did you really expect them to publish nothing until after it's already on everyone's wrists?
New Posts  All Forums: