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 That's an interesting point.  I don't think there is a consensus yet on the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5C.  From what I can see the 5C has the same specs but has the plastic case vs metal case.  So there is something to be said that you're getting less than in previous years where the previous gen phone was $100 less.
 Yes, but what's the point of designing, manufacturing, and selling a second less expensive model when it's barely less expensive than the flagship phone?  Who's going to buy the 5C?  The thing still costs $550 off-contract. Apple should have designed a phone that is equivalent to the 3S or 4 in specs and features.  With today's technology I would think that is doable at a very low cost and be able to sell the phone at $400 off-contract and free on-contract.  And I...
I'm working on an app update for iOS 7 and Apple has requested a demo of the app.  They're going to provide feedback on the design and possibly promote it as an iOS 7 styled app.  They seem to be going all out for this launch.
 Your own statement is what concerns me when you said you heard so many rumors it would be shocking if it's not real.  The rumor sites and bloggers are basically able to convince everyone Apple is going to do something, without Apple making any statements.  So Apple suffers because people believe what they hear in rumors and get bashed when they don't actually do what the rumors say they will do. So no, I'm not happy when Apple looks bad, I hope the rumor sites are the...
I hope that Apple doesn't even release a "5C" so all these articles that talk like it's already been officially announced can look foolish.  Unfortunately, what will actually happen if there is no 5C is the same bloggers will blast Apple for "canceling" the 5C or missing the deadline for releasing it (that the bloggers themselves created).  
  Hm, a "painting" not a photograph.  Think about that.  A photograph is the truth, a painting is an artists interpretation of the truth.  Sounds like he's admitting it's going to be made up lies or at least exaggerations about Jobs.
It's a standoff of who will cave first.  Will Apple let China Mobile have their way and brand the phone physically and with software just to get the extra sales or will China Mobile let Apple control what's on the phone.
How do you know that?  It will take however long it needs to based on the scanner hardware, software algorithms, dirt/dust, finger position, and quality of the fingerprint capture. 
  Also, don't forget about the iPod classic interface which is completely unique and there's the iPod Nano.
  That's why I said 30 years.  It's going to take at least that long until the infrastructure can be there for the system to know about all of the things you mentioned above.  I don't know what you meant about the entire point of the system handling bad drivers.  Until 100% of the cars on the road are self-driving that case must be handled.  And that's not going to happen for a REALLY long time.   I also think a system that requires a driver to be constantly watching it...
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