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It boggles my mind that Apple has not released a new Apple TV with an improved remote and App Store.  Even if they can't strike a deal with the cable companies, there is huge potential for Apple to make more of an impact in people's living room.  That market is ripe for the taking and app developers will figure out how to make people want it, stop stalling and spend that R&D on something that has huge potential!  
Apple has to review and approve the TestFlight apps?  I don't want to deal with that bottleneck to get my app out to testers.  Unless Apple can promise a <12 hour turnaround time for approvals.  We'll see what the average wait time for approving apps is.
I have been using Yosemite for 2 days now and I have 0 issues. Zero.  And my 99 year old grandmother who has never used a computer before also has no issues.     There is no problem here, everyone who is complaining is making this up and is spamming the sites with false accusations against Apple.   /s
The FitBit and upcoming iWatch are different enough products, the two companies don't have to be at odds.  Apple should keep selling FitBits if Apple Store customers want them and FitBit should add iOS8 integration.
 It would have made more sense for Apple to partner with Visa/MasterCard/AMEX rather than individual banks.  If they worked with the transaction processor, all card issuing banks could have been covered.
 Apple can't step on, fight, and take over everyone in their way.  It makes sense for them to partner with existing banks.  Let the banks take care of handling the credit transactions and Apple can supply the technology.
If TBWA is making good ads that are outperforming Apple employee made ads, I don't see why they should be dropped.  It shouldn't be done just for the sake doing everything in-house.
A "beer bash" concert at the Apple campus?  If only I had better grades when I was a senior applying for computer engineering jobs...   
A "Virtual Assistant"?  Looking at those screens, with the little microphone icon asking "Jeff, How can I help you", it just looks a lot like Clippy, which we still poke fun at Microsoft for thinking was ever a good idea.  But I have faith that Apple will think of a way to present it that doesn't have the annoying downsides that Clippy had, but we'll see.
 Google Glass may not be a smashing success, but it does advance one area of technology.  Wearables are still very new, everyone is still learning and researching.  It would be a loss to wipe out all the time, money, research, and lessons learned from what Google has done.  
New Posts  All Forums: