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A "beer bash" concert at the Apple campus?  If only I had better grades when I was a senior applying for computer engineering jobs...   
A "Virtual Assistant"?  Looking at those screens, with the little microphone icon asking "Jeff, How can I help you", it just looks a lot like Clippy, which we still poke fun at Microsoft for thinking was ever a good idea.  But I have faith that Apple will think of a way to present it that doesn't have the annoying downsides that Clippy had, but we'll see.
 Google Glass may not be a smashing success, but it does advance one area of technology.  Wearables are still very new, everyone is still learning and researching.  It would be a loss to wipe out all the time, money, research, and lessons learned from what Google has done.  
 Neither makes sense.  Apple needs to stay focused on what they're good at and a massive merger or buyout will cause too much chaos.  That's the problem with Google and MSFT, they're always drifting in different directions, searching for another sector to get into, then half-ass it.
Between this and the recent court case loss, it sounds like Apple missed a protection payment to the CCP.  Once the Chinese politicians have been paid, everything bad will go away.
Apple basically won the mobile flash argument so they probably don't consider Adobe to be an enemy anymore.  As long as Adobe is making pro software for OSX, Apple keeps selling computers.  
Sounds like OpenGL is in bad need of an update.  The idea of an open standard that works across devices and video chips is great, but like many standards, it lags behind the cutting edge.  Khronos Group needs to get off its a** and write a new spec that can compete.  Don't get lazy and let it languish like many other standards have.
 Apple really should have done this at the announcement of Swift.  We really need a modern native speed compiled language that can compete with Python and Java.  I hope Apple is not planning on keeping Swift proprietary and Apple only.  Google half-assed the Go language like they do everything and it still feels like a beta project they are not serious about finishing.  Microsoft tolerated C# and .NET being used on non-Microsoft platforms but did nothing to help its...
 I hope not, what will the merger of the two companies become, some new type of company?  Apple is a hardware company and they should focus on that, if they are spread too thin with a big merger it would not be good.
That's what I thought 2 years ago, still holding and waiting...
New Posts  All Forums: