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Well this isn't that farfetched since Apple already switched to having 2 parallel new iPhones starting last year.  They have also said that they don't think a large screen phone is for everyone.  So it makes sense to have 2 size screens to satisfy people who don't like large screens and those that think the screen should be bigger.  They're already doing it with the iPad and iPad mini.
Not really, the MSFT video was too artificial, too mechanical, too computerized.  I couldn't stand the old school computer characters and weird 80s voice synthesis.  Many scenes looked and sounded like something from the movie WarGames.
My sister-in-law has an iPhone 5 and treats it like a friggen hockey puck.  Literally throws it onto tables, puts it on the floor where it can be stepped on, puts it on wet surfaces, and drops it constantly.  She has broken at least 6 smartphones in the past 4 years and still treats them like crap.  Sometimes I wish the thing taught her a lesson! (kidding)
We demand more and more battery life from our phones with lots of features, so what we get is an incredible amount of stored energy sitting in our pockets.  It will be scary if batteries with 4x or 10x capacity of the ones today come to market.
 In my opinion, the best next thing for Apple is to release a significantly enhanced Apple TV box.  There are 2 different directions Apple can go.   One is add a tuner with Tivo capability and make it the best Tivo like device on the market, hopefully making it the standard that all cable companies want to provide to customers as well as selling it directly, giving Apple command over people's living rooms just like they did with phones and tablets. The other option is to...
 Heh, sounds like you lost some money on Apple with that rant!  I lost some too but the price has been making a slow comeback. I kind of agree that Apple has been milking the iPhone and iPad a bit and haven't been very aggressive with changing the design, adding features, or coming out with new products.  It hasn't hurt them much (yet), but they're probably going to have to do something big this year or next year to stay on top or else the slow decline will continue.
No thanks, I don't want my phone listening to me and watching me to determine my mood so it can serve me ads.  This sounds like something Google would do.  I can imagine if this article was about Google, people here would be having a field day with it.
Even if your Applecare has expired, I would bring it in anyway. They have fixed mine free before for things like this when it was 4 years old.
 Then that company would be just another competing product, that's the problem. What needs to happen is a high quality, low cost, no license fee, secure standard needs to be developed for all of the products to inter-operate.  Then that standard has to be backed by a company that can put out high quality products to lead the industry and convince other companies to also use the standard. This also applies to many other areas like smartphone - car integration, smartphone -...
And yet you still can't rename a file or folder.  They put all this work in a redesign and you can't do something so simple.
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