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every day @ 3AM Eastern -- also known as every day at midnight (Apple, Pacific time)
Same here.
  Last paragraph states, although somewhat roundabout...     Either way, when Apple breaks $1T, this won't matter ;)
Also worth mentioning... the $846B figure is adjusted for inflation, also according to that same Yahoo! article.
  Hmmm, well actually if you follow the link near the bottom of the page, it directs you to http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-market-value-hits-600b-151007997.html   An Associated Press article which states:     And it later states the $619B amount.  So it looks like Apple actually is pretty close to setting the all-time record, as far as I can tell.
Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets keeps insisting it'll break a trillion... with a $1,111 price target.   I think that seems like a crazy prediction, but Apple is already on the brink of breaking MSFT's record ($618.9B nominal) according to this website, and it's only been going uphill... Not sure if any of you have stumbled upon this site but it should be fun to watch it Tick over the $1,000,000,000,000 mark, in Apple-style...
  doh123, when on Monday did you order?  I ordered around 6:30PM and it says 7-10 business days until it ships on the site.  Still processing.
They didn't want to get slammed on by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. $84000 is below the 1% threshold.
I thought I heard that the resulting files are going to be DRM-free? So couldn't you just buy iTunes Match for the first year, and then not renew it the next year? You'd still have the DRM-free files downloaded onto your computer, wouldn't you?
haha. I thought you were serious for a second.
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