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Better yet, how about Eddy doing a "Jony Ive" and back away from direct involvement? Apple can have two Cue lieutenants, VP of Digital Content and VP of Digital Services.
I bought an Atari 2600 years ago for old school games, but the controllers are terrible. The gameplay here looks super smooth. If only Apple would throw a ton of money at some of these companies. I mean, where and in what kinds of numbers can they be selling these titles? I understand Nintendo's stance on licensing (to a point) but these games?
Can't believe it? Eddie has been signing off on iTunes, the App Stores, and Apple TV for years. He's a deals guy. That's it. I thought they'd bring in a stronger UI person than Alan Dye, who currently heads Apple's software UI design. Jony Ive explicitly credited Dye with that dog's breakfast known as the Apple Watch user interface. How do you go from handbags to iPhone product packaging to....user interface design? There must be someone much, much better at Apple. BTW, I...
I'd like to see four sections of Apple Music, each of them may be individually disabled:    1) "Discover" containing "For You", suggestions from Apple Editors/Curators as well as your social network and "Top Hits", based purely on industry charting by date and genre;   2) "My Music" containing "Up Next" (cached streaming) and "Library" (permanently stored);  and   3) "Radio" including "Beats 1 ,2, 3...X Radio" and something like "My Stations", comprising stations...
Apple is well-known for having technological and financial means to get expensive materials and manufacturing costs down.
What about ceramic AND Liquidmetal?
And the interior packaging looks cramped and cheap. They should have used black, not white, interior inserts and a custom black lightning cable. You can't always justify outsized hardware markups on the basis of software. The hardware needs to reflect that also.
I'm not a fan of the industrial design. The former model's proportions seemed pleasing-this, not so much. If they needed the height for wifi, perhaps they could have done a more narrow base. Perhaps they could have used aluminum? Or even white plastic, to match the AirPort Extreme/Time capsule product family. This is more likely to match consumers' preexisting A/V components for sure, but Apple had an opportunity to completely redesign it. The industrial design still...
The vast majority of iPhone owners do not also own a Mac and likely do not own a PC of any sort. iCloud is their backup.
That USB C port is not just there for diagnostics. No Way. Apple has plans for that...be it pairing TV to a Mac or iOS device, or to some next generation display.   No one believes Apple will make a new stand alone display...I'm not one of those people. I think they will make an Apple branded mid-size 21-30" display soon.
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