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Until Maps can find 77th St and Second Avenue in Manhattan I'll have no use for it. Shameful. Apple hasn't sorted out New York Frickin' City. Try it for yourself. Maps can't find a common intersection. Also, the paucity of landmarks on the Manhattan map is astounding. This is not a manpower issue; it''s utter neglect. I enjoy DED's posts, but this Maps thing he's on is a joke. Maps still is horrible. Period.
File under, "Best of DED".......very funny, well-written, and well-timed.
Apple doesn't innovate.   /s
I had an app that did this when I got my first iPhone, the 3G (no S)....I used it once. 
I was an occassional NYT paying reader until the Judy Miller Iraq war FUD. I rarely, if ever, read any if the 10 free articles. And $45 per month for a standard subscription? $8 for curated content? That's a riot. I subscribe to a few paper magazines for art, travel, design, world events, and food articles. The rest I get for free (with ads) online.
Some time ago, I mused on this forum about a mobile device with a laptop form factor. Instead of traditional keys, it would use a glass "keypad" with tactile feedback. It would be more mobile (thinner and lighter) than the current MacBook Air. This could be it and it probably will be a Mac. The iPad is already taken care of. Apple knows folks will slap a keyboard cover on it if need be.   The MacBook Air will be removed from the Mac product line and this will be branded...
Ditto...excellent choice that I hadn't thought of. In addition to terrific acting chops (American Hustle!) Bale even has that very subtle lisp that Steve had.
Perhaps Peter can try to steer Goldman in a better direction.
Pray tell...why is that? From my view, he's been an excellent steward of Apple's assets.
Google's strategy with recent acquisitions seems somewhat clear to me (with the exception of the WhatsApp bid) when looked from the perspective of AI and robotics. They missed the boat on hardware/software integration in CE to Apple and are looking to the future of robots (in which Apple seems to have limited interest). Specifically, they have been acquiring top talent and companies in artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep machine learning, and manufactured...
New Posts  All Forums: