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But, but, but.......why wasn't this available when the Watch shipped? Apple dropped the ball! /s
Lately, things suddenly went from mainly iPhone 5 models to iPhone 6 models here in NYC (at least what I see on the subways) very, very quickly. I'm really quite surprised by all of the  6 models. it's as  if the vast majority of 5S users upgraded to the 6S models ASAP. I'm still seeing very few Rose Gold models, however.
I don't agree. Yesterday, I  re-watched one of Steve's early videos (maybe WWDC in 1997 or an internal meeting with developers) after he returned) to Apple where he stated that adding more software developers to a task is undesirable at a pint where additional bodies creates a downward slope in productivity. He explicitly singled out the problem where more people create a need for more complex communication, which offsets actual contribution to good code. I think a...
Look at that photo! At first glance there appears too be a majority of women. This is the Steve Jobs that many who never knew him personally nonetheless knew existed. This is the Steve Jobs that people who worked with him dearly miss. This is why the film Steve Jobs (which I did not see but which I heard much commentary about) is an utter failure. 
Better yet, how about Eddy doing a "Jony Ive" and back away from direct involvement? Apple can have two Cue lieutenants, VP of Digital Content and VP of Digital Services.
I bought an Atari 2600 years ago for old school games, but the controllers are terrible. The gameplay here looks super smooth. If only Apple would throw a ton of money at some of these companies. I mean, where and in what kinds of numbers can they be selling these titles? I understand Nintendo's stance on licensing (to a point) but these games?
Can't believe it? Eddie has been signing off on iTunes, the App Stores, and Apple TV for years. He's a deals guy. That's it. I thought they'd bring in a stronger UI person than Alan Dye, who currently heads Apple's software UI design. Jony Ive explicitly credited Dye with that dog's breakfast known as the Apple Watch user interface. How do you go from handbags to iPhone product packaging to....user interface design? There must be someone much, much better at Apple. BTW, I...
I'd like to see four sections of Apple Music, each of them may be individually disabled:    1) "Discover" containing "For You", suggestions from Apple Editors/Curators as well as your social network and "Top Hits", based purely on industry charting by date and genre;   2) "My Music" containing "Up Next" (cached streaming) and "Library" (permanently stored);  and   3) "Radio" including "Beats 1 ,2, 3...X Radio" and something like "My Stations", comprising stations...
Apple is well-known for having technological and financial means to get expensive materials and manufacturing costs down.
What about ceramic AND Liquidmetal?
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