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Right, because Microsoft is the leader in digital audio production and Apple is just an also-ran 
I suppose you've never heard of low end disruption theory, eh?
Nicely done!
I've been saying that for a while. Cue is a deals guy, Apple needs a strong product guy for Internet software and services. (And I'm not sure Iovine is that guy.)
Why can't you address the very substantive comments that bit mod made? I post more than once a month and many other "complainers" do also. That doesn't invalidate someone's point. You can go ahead and try to bat down every negative comment, but it's clear to me you're willing to compromise intellectual integrity to make useless points.Having said that, if this poster is correct and you can only download TWO songs from an album:That explains a major point of confusion on...
Two things get in the way of me becoming a paid member after the free trial: 1. Fix the bug that causes playlists that I know I save for offline playback to NOT be deleted. 2. Somehow make a UI tweak that lets me know everywhere in Beats which music is available for offline listening and which is not. So often I go to listen to music offline and it just is. not. there. Paying $10 a month for me means paying for offline playback. If I can't do that easily, I feel I'm...
Exactly. How is this any different from how Apple re-prices last year's models?
That's a big "if". Also, the power of individuals and individual lawmakers has been quite limited for some time, especially with regard to the federal government's power (executive, legislative, and judicial) in enacting counterterrorism and other "national security" policies and procedures-see FISA courts.
Weren't there milling difficulties with the 5 series? And didn't Apply create a whole new production process for the $0 on contract iPhone 5C? there's precedent for  new lowest tier phone that is a repackaged device. All I am suggesting is that the engineering for the iPod touch and the C series may be overlapped/shared.   Furthermore, isn't the A8 series SoC more future-proofed than the A7? Wouldn't the margins on a 2015 "iPod touch with cellular" be pretty high? Most...
You ditch plastic case production lines and all the logistical/procurement issues that come with them. You also better amortize the iPod touch anodization processes. A non-Foxconn assembling partner will take care of the iPod touches and the 6Cs and Foxconn does the 6S+/6S and 6. A minor assembly partner will love to have that business. Again, another benefit beyond production/supply chain is marketing simplicity.
New Posts  All Forums: