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That's an icon, not a brand mark.
If that was directed at my comments, c'mon; that logo is hardly small! If only. Crazy, insane? That's a bit hyperbolic. I gave lengthy explanations of my thinking above and don't think any of it is insane. Are we looking at the same photo?! It covers just about half of the grille! Also, think about it. Why? I really can't think of another BT speaker that has this. Not one. Again, it's not as if this speaker blows everything else out of the water. I'll give yet another...
You may be misapplying the term "illogical", unless you feel THAT strongly about this. You may think it is unreasonable (I don't), but nothing I have written defies the laws of nature or mathematics (in the strict sense) or is unreasonable or nonsensical. Some people only use products with logos-that is their preference-but it does not make them nonsensical. That aside, much of our preference in consumer electronics is subjective, not objective. I don't think I've seen...
No it's not silly, just my preference. We all have things we care about aesthetically and that's mine. It's not as if I heard it was a "best-of-class" must have. Think of it this way, if there were a great pair of stereo bookshelf or floor speakers, would you care if there was a logo emblazoned on the front grilles? I wouldn't buy them no matter what the quality or reviews. 
I considered this one, but my own personal complaint is the big BOSE tag on the speaker grille. If I already chose a product and paid for it, I don't need to be reminded what it is. The only purpose for that is to advertise Bose's brand for them-lame! Contrast this with Apple; Apple typically designs their kit so the user needn't look at an -others might, but not the owner. I don't see an Apple logo on the front of my AppleTV or MacBook, iPhone, or iPad and it seems I...
My interpretation is that Qualcomm is saying that sales of high-end chips are falling. They may be shipping mid- and low-end chips to the hundreds of crap Android OEMs out ther, but their 64-bit chip may have been priced at a premium and destined primarily for the S6. No S6, and they lose .8B.  Back of the envelope: $800,000,000/ $30 per chip may equal an estimated 26,666,667 Galaxy S6 64-bit chips Qualcomm no longer can sell.
From what I've read, rumors that Samesung planted rumors about the 810 overheating seem to be themselves, just that, rumors. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely in character with Samesung to do such a thing. I just haven't read anything that was a definitive source that they had planted the overheating rumors. 
My paper doesn't work. If my pencil is wet or my paper gets greasy I can't read what I wrote.
How/why does it take two hands? You pick up the your iPhone 6/Plus with a hand and place that hand's thumb on the Home button. Also, why would you prefer a dedicated button or swipe area on the phone? There already is a camera module on the rear of the phone. You'd also want a fingerprint sensor? How is that better than having the sensor embedded in a pre-existing button? 
Call AT&T to see if they'll double your data. I'm on AT&T and recently, after getting my iPhone 6, I called about a random billing issue. Out of the blue, an AT&T rep offered me a free extra 10 GB on top of my existing 10 GB data plan...some special promotion. So far so good...no gotchas.
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