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I agree; my favorite OSX feature is desktop Spaces, but very few Windows users are aware of that feature and many Mac users also have no idea. I think the reason is that Apple limits feature messages is that they are trying to push the "experiences" aspects, rather than the tech aspects of the products. But again, I agree. Ben Thompson at Stretechery.com has written a lot about how he feels Apple misses the mark in their iPad marketing and advertising. It's also surprising...
Maybe because the 5c only has an A6. No A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor. 
I agree. Apple needs to improve Maps and needs it's own search engine. Why not just try to buy DuckDuckGo?  It may be better (cheaper) than buying Yahoo for search. Apple still could offer Google search as an alternate. But how about having "Apple Search" as the default?
I think this approach is more of what Steve meant by thermonuclear war against Google. I'm sure he didn't just think about lawsuits. He likely thought of every conceivable legal way Apple could hurt Google. Why not start by getting rid of them on your own platform?
Could your post be morer wronger?
I just learned today that my own friggin' Mom just bought a Note 3! I feel so betrayed. I don't want that thing in my house.   It was so against my advice; she just couldn't wait. All of her friends have one and she followed their advice. It was all about the bigger screen. First my mother-in-law and now her.   On the bright side, if something goes wrong with it, I'll can send her to the Samsung Mensa Bar...oh, wait....
The 4.7 will be the phone and the 5.5 will be the touch.
Where are all the whiners that were calling for Tim Cook's head a year ago?
Both an "iWatch" and smart headphones would perfectly complement iPhone and increase Apples top and bottom lines. One or both might nicely fill in the product gap of the aging iPod. I see prices for either in the $399-$499 range. But which would I get?   I'm hoping for over-ear cans with built in iPod, however a smart wrist wearable with health monitoring (even without an OLED display-just sensors and BLE link to my iPhone) would be really, really cool. Maybe both will...
Exciting stuff! I can't wait and hope something, anything, will be announced at WWDC.
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