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I was under the impression that Apple didn't pay Hollywood for product placement, which seems to be true. They do, however, staff positions to have product placed. 
I have only a few of Apple's stations on my iTunes Radio and I have been tuning those stations consistently. At this point I rarely need to select "Never Play This Again".  Do you create your own stations from artists or albums you love? You can do that and also add related artists, tracks, and albums to the staion to "tune" it better to your liking. You also can tune any station by selecting either "Hits", "Variety" or "Discovery".
Jobs referred (alluded) to 7" tablets of that time. That is what was o nthe market and clearly the devices her had referred to. The iPad mini has a display that is 40% larger in area than typical 7" diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio tablet displays. LOL
I don't think so; there's a good chance that the iPad mini will replace the iPad 2 at the $399 price point and that the iPad 2 may very well be discontinued this year. It's easier to see the iPad 2 being retired rather than bumping its processor specs-too much fragmentation at this point.
The rumors of the iPod Classic's death have been greatly exaggerated.
I'd like to see: iPad 499iPad mini 299iPad mini Retina 399 The mini would be very, very attractive at $299 compared to $249 Android tablets. The psychological barrier of $3xx might be significant. The high-end Retina version would still eat at Android tab revenues and compensate Apple with profits that might be lost on the $299 mini.
Out of all of Samsung's egregious misdeeds with regard to Apple, this one really has to be the worst. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be anything close to a serious penalty.
Exactly. I was on ATT since about 1997, it switched to Cingular, and then went back to ATT. Since my iPhone 3G, I think, I've had unlimited data. I use over 3GB per month consistently-usually 3-5. I don't recall at all being throttled. I have friends also with unlimited that report no throttling despite using 5 or even 10 GBs per month. I'm sure throttling happens. In my case, I have a $103.00 per month bill for unlimited data, unlimited voice, and unlimited text. My...
I bet the vast majority of commenters on AI know pretty well how much data they use each month.
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