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I don't think so; there's a good chance that the iPad mini will replace the iPad 2 at the $399 price point and that the iPad 2 may very well be discontinued this year. It's easier to see the iPad 2 being retired rather than bumping its processor specs-too much fragmentation at this point.
The rumors of the iPod Classic's death have been greatly exaggerated.
I'd like to see: iPad 499iPad mini 299iPad mini Retina 399 The mini would be very, very attractive at $299 compared to $249 Android tablets. The psychological barrier of $3xx might be significant. The high-end Retina version would still eat at Android tab revenues and compensate Apple with profits that might be lost on the $299 mini.
Out of all of Samsung's egregious misdeeds with regard to Apple, this one really has to be the worst. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be anything close to a serious penalty.
Exactly. I was on ATT since about 1997, it switched to Cingular, and then went back to ATT. Since my iPhone 3G, I think, I've had unlimited data. I use over 3GB per month consistently-usually 3-5. I don't recall at all being throttled. I have friends also with unlimited that report no throttling despite using 5 or even 10 GBs per month. I'm sure throttling happens. In my case, I have a $103.00 per month bill for unlimited data, unlimited voice, and unlimited text. My...
I bet the vast majority of commenters on AI know pretty well how much data they use each month.
Samsung's new "M7" wireless speaker...hhmmmm, I wonder where they got the name for that product?    http://www.cultofandroid.com/42693/samsung-unveils-400-shape-m7-wireless-speaker/
Don't most people carrying an iPad usually have an iPhone on them? Just get rid of that iPad 2 already and give me a Retina iPad mini, Tim.   iPad mini: $299 iPad mini 2-Retina: $399   Would I like a Retina mini cheaper? Of course, but look at that iPhone 5c pricing.
I'm a big fan of iTunes Radio. The discoverability is amazing and I hear many more tracks I actually like than Pandora had offered.   I have the ability to "tune" the station I create not only by clicking "Play More Like This", but also by adding tracks, artists and albums to that station at any time to more finely tune it. Since I have iTunes Match, I hear no commercials.   iCloud/iTunes Store synching to my Apple TV at home allows me to pick right up where I left off...
 I didn't read the author's name at first. After reading this line: "Blackberry delivered one industry changing new product since its founding in 1984," however, I immediately recognized it as a DED piece. 
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