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The Nokia wasn't a constant radius either-no radii on the top and bottom edges.
The original iPhone from 2007 had rounded edges, does that mean Nokia copied it?
Jony Ive is Design chief and likely has little to say about base model hardware configs, especially not strategy capacities.
Besides the blatant industrial design rip off, the "Samsung Pay" moniker left me reeling. "Samsung Pay". Wow. They really think copying is competing, like that's how you compete-just copy.
I regularly use six of those photos apps. Mextures is awesome. My Pedco Ultrapod II Light weight Tripod mount and Shoulderpod S1 Smartphone rig to be indispensable hardware accessories for my iPhonography. I haven't heard enough personal reviews about the olloclip to fee the need to add that accessory.
I applaud Cook on all his efforts to enhance personal freedom and diversity. However, his "extermination" comments were troubling and appeared somewhat uncharacteristic of him. Additionally, what will happen when this comes to pass: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/27/us-china-security-idUSKBN0LV19020150227 I never thought it was such a good idea for Cook to so stridently woo the Chinese market. Now their leadership has Apple and other tech companies by the balls....
Not every form of terrorism is "extreme" terrorism. Where do you draw the line? Not being a victim of terrorism, I assume, you have no basis to make such a claim.The Klan prefers to tie them up behind trucks and drag them to death and are thoroughly infiltrated into law enforcement departments  and other positions of almost absolute power all over the country. They terrorize people of color and non-Christians all-the-time. Right now. Whole parts of the South and pacific...
Amazon should buy all of them.
This is a bit of goalpost moving. There is clear intent in my comments to make the case against hardware and/or permanent brand marks, like the permanent BOSE on the speaker grille and to call out the self-promoting motivations behind such design decisions. The Bose speakers have a brand mark with NO purpose other than to promote the Bose brand. Including icons that have functional value to the OS/UI in an effort to dismiss or obfuscate my point was an interesting...
Good point about the iMac...that might annoy me after a while, but not much. It doesn't serve the user so it should get out of the way. To your other points, it seems you may be moving the goalpost a little. My objections (if you've carefully read my comments) were about the functional value and scale of the Bose branding, not objections against any and all branding-that's silly. I never complain about a software UI element, which has some functions lvalue. The relatively...
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