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Yes, it is absolutely hypocritical. But don't you think the State Council would have expected Apple to balk when it was first leaked? Chine still needs Americans to sell to. Import tariffs (or concessions to the Chinese) still go along way in diplomacy. Alternatively, perhaps there was something China wanted from the U.S., threatened this action, and we gave them what they wanted.
My guess is that it wasn't just Tim, although I'd bet he could get through to Xi Jinping directly. The White House, State Department, Homeland Security...all of them would have had strong words for Beijing. 
Pink may have as much to do with fashion, Ahrendts' retail leadership, and women's enormous buying power.
I think they're getting rid of the Air as we know it and going back to MacBook and MacBook Pro. They might get rid of the 11' and 13" Airs and go to a cheaper sub-$1,000 non-Retina, slower, 12" machine-but if its heavier, how can they brand that an 'Air' and this MacBook?
I would love the know the price of the Milanese Loop. I want that on the Watch in black stainless steel. Some say the link bracelet will be the most expensive, but that Loop bracelet looks extremely hard to manufacture. I'm guessing about $500 for that band alone, pushing my Watch of choice up to a grand.   I might need to make due with the Watch Steel-Black with the black fluoroelastomer band. I'm more of a $500 watch guy than a $1,000+ watch guy and more concerned...
I'll pay it. Right now I have the lowest tier cable package on top of internet from Time Warner. I also pay for Hulu+ and Netflix, about $8 bucks each. I rent iTunes movies and tv shows from time to time, all through Apple TV. Add HBO Now to that and I have all I need.   I could get rid of cable complete and just get internet, but that low tier package also offers free on demand for a lot of network programming I don't pay for.    I'll catch up on as much HBO content...
Tim's got some 'splainin to do.
Consider that because you do not think strong reactions to repeated copying is childish does not, in fact, make it so. Apple is a hardware/software/platform/experiences company that pushes forward by integrating design into everything it does. A big part of that is its marketing effort. When you look at the history of Apple, it consistently has been copied, most recently by the Google/Samsung guys. (Side Note: It's so funny when I hear from Android fans, "Android already...
You're taking things out of context. Apple Pay debuts (after Google had their own brand-Google Wallet). Very shortly after Samsung and Google respond with new marketing efforts; "Hey let's call or Samsung Pay and Android Pay." And I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that Google and Samsung collaborated on that branding effort. Google/Android/Samsung customers continually dismiss the blatant copying. After a while there are massive credibility hits. It's really lame and really...
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