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Samsung's new "M7" wireless speaker...hhmmmm, I wonder where they got the name for that product?    http://www.cultofandroid.com/42693/samsung-unveils-400-shape-m7-wireless-speaker/
Don't most people carrying an iPad usually have an iPhone on them? Just get rid of that iPad 2 already and give me a Retina iPad mini, Tim.   iPad mini: $299 iPad mini 2-Retina: $399   Would I like a Retina mini cheaper? Of course, but look at that iPhone 5c pricing.
I'm a big fan of iTunes Radio. The discoverability is amazing and I hear many more tracks I actually like than Pandora had offered.   I have the ability to "tune" the station I create not only by clicking "Play More Like This", but also by adding tracks, artists and albums to that station at any time to more finely tune it. Since I have iTunes Match, I hear no commercials.   iCloud/iTunes Store synching to my Apple TV at home allows me to pick right up where I left off...
 I didn't read the author's name at first. After reading this line: "Blackberry delivered one industry changing new product since its founding in 1984," however, I immediately recognized it as a DED piece. 
 You wouldn't recommend this incredible piece of hardware because you don't want to buy your own speakers, headphones, or other audio monitors? Wouldn't anyone as interested in audio quality as yourself always use external monitors rather than those installed on any desktop out of the box? 
I'm not quite sure how iTunes Radio works, or I don't want to believe that it works the way it does. It appears more purely station driven, rather than artist, track, and album driven. I was hoping for something more along  the lines of Spotify, where I can search the catalogue and play only the specific artist, track, or album I was looking for.   With stations, I might discover new stuff, however, there are certain artists that I am specifically in interested in and...
 A big part of the problem is that for years, the original WTC lease holder, Larry Silverstein took the Port Authority of NY/NJ to court, apparently because they wanted to short him on the money owed. IIRC, they wanted to reimburse him far less than the buildings/his investment was worth. He prevailed in the court fight only after several years had passed, but then project began to gain some headway. Nonetheless, when it comes to governmental agencies and big bucks...
 Two blocks away from my job! And, quite honestly, the Finacial District in Manhattan is still suffering. Transit hubs aren't up and running and the new trade center building hasn't even opened up yet. Heck, a building used by my job was completely demolished and just was rebuilt and re-opened several months ago. Twelve years after the attacks. The anniversary of the attacks were just held a couple days ago. So, Gazoobee, stop being such a pill. An Apple store is both...
 Unfortunately Time Warner Cable cursed my household with the laggiest crappiest Samsung cable box you could imagine. Really, the lag in this thing is truly hard to believe. 
 Think about using Airplay to view games being played on 64-bit A7 iPhones via Apple TV.
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