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a) Wow b) Apple has incredible counsel. This seems elementary, but I can see many firms missing it.
@ steveH: That seems smart. Also, any device that a student did not buy could be picked up by Apple and sold by them on the secondary market. Apple would provide the school or district with their credit toward new iPads. You'd be hard pressed to find many people choosing to buy two-year old Chromebooks
I've been a long time Dropbox user, but I also need Microsoft Office applications for work. Exporting .pages files to .docx is not good enough. I want to move to Office 365 (and get the same 1TB storage that I pay for with Dropbox). Can you tell me how you like 365 tools, synch, and storage, especially if you also a Mac user? Thanks!
What bugs me about Music.app is how poorly it handles playlists. Once playing, if I leave the playlist and app Music fails to consistently remember my place when I return.
Currently, I'm paying $10 p/mo. for Dropbox, but there is little other than synching-which it does very well for me. However, lately I have been considering moving everything to iCloud but I just isn't there yet. (I'm also on the 200GB iCloud Drive plan in hopes of switching everything over to that.)   A bit off topic and heretical, but does anyone have any experience with Office 365? I could get 1TB of storage and access to the Office suite for $10 p/mo., right? Having...
Oh GAWD no!
These higher sales numbers are not surprising. It seems Apple has managed to lower prices by cutting out middle price tier products.   For example, I waited quite a while considering whether or not to get a Mac for the family to see what  might have planned for the Mac mini this year. Despite all the griping over the gimped specs, the $499 entry price is very appealing.   (There's also an annoying gap between the gimped $99 Airport Express and Airport Extreme. I...
On one hand, Apple has only so much space in its retail stores; on the other, will it be wise to squeeze out competitors from its retail stores? Perhaps they'll still sell fitbit on the Apple online store?
And over a billion dollars a year in profit...the deal will likely pay itself off from headphone, earbud and speaker profit alone in a few years. Tim had an interesting take on the acquisition in his interview with Charlie Rose. You prob can still check it out on CharlieRose.com or PBS.com 
Point taken....
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