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One can dream...but Elon would never take a "job" at Apple. He's too talented, has too much of an entrepreneurial spirit, and has so much more room to grow his ideas and influence outside of Apple. I don't like to make Steve Jobs comparisons but, in my view, Elon is the closest thing we've got to Jobs nowadays. Can you imagine Steve going to work for someone else?   Not to mention that Tesla's market cap is about 20 billion dollars. Add a 20% premium to that and it would...
I seriously doubt they would restrict a gold iPhone to retail and high end jewelry stores. Apple is in the business of moving product. If people want to buy them, they won't make it harder to get them.   Having said that, I think it would be wise to sell the color iPhone only through the Apple online and b&m retail stores. That is, if they really are concerned about moving more of their own phones.
Hmmm, I would bet that Apple would want a logo that was easily set apart visually from the rest of the back panel. A logo of the same color as the back panel would hardly be visible.   Apple and Apple customers want to clearly see that logo. That may be the reason for using a high-contrast  on the back of the proposed iPhone Color.
I agree, it's beautiful. It's not for me, though. And call me sexist, but I have an easier time seeing this phone appealing to women far more than to men.
I have to look at more photos, but I haven't been able to detect the difference between the gunmetal and the black/slate. 
Why wouldn't that make sense, especially if it has a white front panel? Would you expect a black logo, or a white one? I think the high end fives are getting the silver logos to complement the chamfered edges. Makes sense to me.
I really can't figure out why every reference to gaudy gold that I've read on this site has alluded to stereotypical "others". The only people wearing lots of gold are not "others". Some are regular people, who, you know, like gold. Your comment makes you seem really out-of-touch.
The "iPhone 5S's" rumored black logo/lettering and choice of black front panel weighs down the lightness of the industrial design and the two black iOS 7 icons (Stocks and Compass) feels inconsistent with the overall design language and strategy of iOS 7. Besides problematic aesthetics, why are those icons-and only those icons-black? No explanation I've read about functional attributes underlying those icons has made any sense to me. From a distance, those two black...
My guess is that access to iWork for iCloud will be included with purchase of paid iWork apps. I hope I'm wrong. Including them for free on iOS and OSX devices also would be bad news for MS (Office) and Google (Docs and Drive). 
I wonder how/if they'll redesign the iWork icons... they look very out-of-place. Weird.
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