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Interesting how iHaters continually paint Apple fans as stupidly paying Apple too much for their products. However, taking a look at the pro-Chromecast comments, I see a ton of people who would willingly throw $35 away on a piece of half-baked hardware, software, and ecosystem along with misleading features and to-be-added-sometime-in-the-future features.   I've gotten a great deal of value out of my ATV, including many software updates and new apps. Quite literally,...
The 16 GB does not and I never said it did. Check out the product page for the iPod touch and note the 32GB and 64 GB versions: http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs.html    It says right there 5MP iSight camera (along with a FaceTime HD camera). I cared to check the product page to make sure before I posted. Perhaps you could get into that habit before you go about spewing nonsense?
The current iPhone 5 has an aluminum chassis and gets great reception.
I think its more likely than going to a polycarbonate chassis, which hasn't been used on an iPhone since, when, the iPhone 3GS? Aesthetically, positioning this cheaper phone closer to the iPod Touch would also make more marketing sense-again, to differentiate from and argue for the iPhone 5S/6/Whatever.
A larger or secondary plastic window in the aluminum chassis for cellular antenna reception? That doesn't seem like some major re-engineering feat to me, but, hey....
First of all, this piece of crap is fucking vapor. Second, you have no idea that there is a distinction between specs and performance. GTFOH!
My prediction:    No plastic iPhone Lite/Budget/Cheapo. I think Apple is pretty done with polycarbonate for anything other than some accessories.   iPod touch pricing and features (color options and cameras) remain the same. I think Apple settled on these configs in advance of the iPhone "Lite" rollout: iPod Touch 16 GB $229 (no iSight camera; limited to 16GB storage; "previous-gen" A series chip) iPod Touch 32 GB $299 (FaceTime and iSight cameras, and...
I think Deneve will be advising Cook on dealing with France/EU retail business regulators with regard to Apple's retail ambitions. France has, it seems, been on a tear to stick it to non-French operations and protect their own concerns. Given sime well-published difficulties, Apple can use some additional guidance in that area, IMO. That Deneve is reporting directly to Cook makes sense given that Cook has been personally running Apple Retail since Browett left. I don't...
This will be an interesting "test case" of how much Tim will fight to drag SF into the future. 
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