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Stupid and pathetic, but otherwise par for the course for Scamscum.
Frothy desperation from both Barnes and Noble and Samsung. 
And this:   http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/iphone-6-will-have-sapphire-glass-thanks-to-gtats-hoard
It is not likely that Apple inked a deal with GT Advanced last year and began production in 2013 for Apple and ramping up massive volume production with new high capacity (165kg + boule furnaces) of Sapphire shortly thereafter only to leave these parts on the shelf for about two years? GT also mentioned a new furnace technology to produce boules significantly larger than that for a special purpose.   I don't think Tim Cook would line the pockets of a supplier so far in...
I need to upgrade my 2011 13" MBA and was hoping for a thinner, lighter, quieter fanless 12" MBA (rumored).   Hopefully this will happen in 2015; perhaps for the better. I have some scratch set aside for a new iPhone to replace my 4S in September-I'm going at least 32GB and probably 64.   As a separate note, Apple cannot be happy with being at the end of the queue for next gen Intel silicon.
If TSMC can delivery great chips at great volume and price, then this is the best news ever! Screw Scamsung...   I truly think this type of move is what Steve meant by "thermonuclear war"...not endless litigation.   Make it hurt where it counts-cut Scroogle out of desktop and mobile search and reduce orders from disloyal supply chain partners.   Stupid move, Scammy. And way to go, Tim!
This new iteration of the iPod would need to be iPod "XYZ" unless all bandless forms of the iPod were discontinued, no? I don't see the nano, shuffle, touch, and classic going away any time soon.
Wouldn't it make more sense to build a iPod nano-like player directly into the Beats wireless headphones?
Point taken, but minorities in the US are not necessarily minorities all across the globe. Also, US sports celebrities traditionally have had enormous global cachet. Apple increasingly is a global brand with global product and marketing reach. 
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