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Great point! Why would Apple make FT platform agnostic when they already all platform agnostic apps on the Appstore?
You need to distinguish between Skype video and Skype voice. Skype voice is inordinately better.   I know very few people who use Skype video, compared to Skype voice. I know even fewer folks who use Skype video on mobile devices; most I know use Skype video on the desktop and laptops and Skype audio on phones and iPod touches.   I tried Skype several years ago because it was free and new to me. It was a horrible experience. Remembering Skype login credentials, having an...
I don't think Skype works consistently well across multiple device types.   I know folks are referencing what Steve previously said about FaceTime going platform-agnostic. The hold-up, as I understand it, isn't simply Apple not wanting to do so because they want ecosystem lock-in. The problem-again, as I think I've read-is that Apple does not own the IP to make that platform interoperability possible. They are seeking to acquire the IP, license it, or otherwise avoid...
I think I heard that the iMessage order screw-ups are getting a fix in iOS7-I hope so. Still, even as it is, it's a great service, especially when messages are accessible from my iPhone and MBA.
You do realize that profits are used for future investments and leverage, right?   It's been said elsewhere, but I'll repeat it. Many of Apple's customers have invested significantly in the ecosystem. Knowing that "your company" has some cash in the bank makes those customers feel as if they will continue to get updates, support, and that the company that they have invested in will not just whither away and die. Where do you think Dell would be now if they were smarter...
  What's funny? Don't you understand Google's business model? How else do you think they're making money off this device if not for analytics and ads?   Trust me, you will need to sign into a Google account and once that has happened, they will harvest your data because you have agreed to it. 
Interesting how iHaters continually paint Apple fans as stupidly paying Apple too much for their products. However, taking a look at the pro-Chromecast comments, I see a ton of people who would willingly throw $35 away on a piece of half-baked hardware, software, and ecosystem along with misleading features and to-be-added-sometime-in-the-future features.   I've gotten a great deal of value out of my ATV, including many software updates and new apps. Quite literally,...
The 16 GB does not and I never said it did. Check out the product page for the iPod touch and note the 32GB and 64 GB versions: http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs.html    It says right there 5MP iSight camera (along with a FaceTime HD camera). I cared to check the product page to make sure before I posted. Perhaps you could get into that habit before you go about spewing nonsense?
The current iPhone 5 has an aluminum chassis and gets great reception.
I think its more likely than going to a polycarbonate chassis, which hasn't been used on an iPhone since, when, the iPhone 3GS? Aesthetically, positioning this cheaper phone closer to the iPod Touch would also make more marketing sense-again, to differentiate from and argue for the iPhone 5S/6/Whatever.
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