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No offense, but you sound exactly like a paid shill for Amazon. Not saying you are one, but you sound exactly how I'd expect one to sound.
I thinI heard a stat that the wait time for Mayday is under 10 seconds. Impressive if true.
You'd agree that the app ecosytem is important, no?
This product NEEDS a disruptive pricing model for hardware and data/voice. To turn Gruber's Apple observations on their ear, "Only Amazon could do that." Given the strength of AWS, I'm surprised. I agree that the 3D stuff is gimmicky, but Amazon Prime for a year (should be for the life of the 2 year contract) and the tie-ins with Amazon purchases were marketing no-brainers To wit, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite mainly because Amazon offered me a zero itnterest payment plan...
I agree, and in that sense LeBron is no different.
I had a feeling I would see this type of post coming. Reading something into nothing? Ok. 
Ok, so all celebrity endorsers are "whores"? Or just the "urban" ones? I've read a lot of your angry rants, but this barely-concealed coded racist language "This is the kind of people that Apple wishes to be associated with?" is much too much. There, I said it. 
I read that, too. If you liked that DF take down, you should check out the episode of Gruber's podcast, the Talk Show, where Gurman was a guest. Ouch!
I agree; my favorite OSX feature is desktop Spaces, but very few Windows users are aware of that feature and many Mac users also have no idea. I think the reason is that Apple limits feature messages is that they are trying to push the "experiences" aspects, rather than the tech aspects of the products. But again, I agree. Ben Thompson at Stretechery.com has written a lot about how he feels Apple misses the mark in their iPad marketing and advertising. It's also surprising...
Maybe because the 5c only has an A6. No A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor. 
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