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I really can't figure out why every reference to gaudy gold that I've read on this site has alluded to stereotypical "others". The only people wearing lots of gold are not "others". Some are regular people, who, you know, like gold. Your comment makes you seem really out-of-touch.
The "iPhone 5S's" rumored black logo/lettering and choice of black front panel weighs down the lightness of the industrial design and the two black iOS 7 icons (Stocks and Compass) feels inconsistent with the overall design language and strategy of iOS 7. Besides problematic aesthetics, why are those icons-and only those icons-black? No explanation I've read about functional attributes underlying those icons has made any sense to me. From a distance, those two black...
My guess is that access to iWork for iCloud will be included with purchase of paid iWork apps. I hope I'm wrong. Including them for free on iOS and OSX devices also would be bad news for MS (Office) and Google (Docs and Drive). 
I wonder how/if they'll redesign the iWork icons... they look very out-of-place. Weird.
If you think the ONLY possible reason Apple isn't enabling or supporting these other protocols simply is vendor lock-in, you must have unprecedented access to Apple's corporate strategy and far greater insight to hardware and communications engineering than anyone on this site. Maybe the vast majority of their own customers are quite alright with the way things are. I certainly find that over the years very many capabilities I had hoped for have eventually made their way...
iTunes is a pretty bad example, as it is available on Windows.   And zero evidence? I have mush anecdotal evidence of teens who encourage peers into Apple devices because of iMessage. I encouraged my wife to move from Blackberry to iPhone due largely to this and in turn I encouraged many of my in-laws to move to iPhone due to the ease of use and fun of iMessage and FaceTime.   That may not be evidence that is "generalizable", but it also isn;t Zero evidence.
I don't take the cynical view that Apple merely wants to lock people into their ecosystem out of greed. Another take is that Apple creates software and services to benefit their own users, you know, people who specifically have chosen to invest in Apple's hardware products.
Great point! Why would Apple make FT platform agnostic when they already all platform agnostic apps on the Appstore?
You need to distinguish between Skype video and Skype voice. Skype voice is inordinately better.   I know very few people who use Skype video, compared to Skype voice. I know even fewer folks who use Skype video on mobile devices; most I know use Skype video on the desktop and laptops and Skype audio on phones and iPod touches.   I tried Skype several years ago because it was free and new to me. It was a horrible experience. Remembering Skype login credentials, having an...
I don't think Skype works consistently well across multiple device types.   I know folks are referencing what Steve previously said about FaceTime going platform-agnostic. The hold-up, as I understand it, isn't simply Apple not wanting to do so because they want ecosystem lock-in. The problem-again, as I think I've read-is that Apple does not own the IP to make that platform interoperability possible. They are seeking to acquire the IP, license it, or otherwise avoid...
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