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Nothing in that post supports that the components (they say are) being shipped are necessarily for a lower-cost iPhone.
Software has never been Apple's strong suit? GTFOH! Really, that's just moronic.
Loren worked at Apple and left. I don't think they could pay him enough to return.
But no one has crapped on it up to this point. Why stir stuff up?
Very inspiring! I wonder where it is airing.
Not sad, just good design. According to the WDDC Keynote and Apple's Airport Extreme page: "Designed with performance in mind. With the antennas at the top of the elevated design, AirPort Extreme now has a higher platform for dispersing the signal." The height of both the Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule, combined with the positioning of the antennas at the top of the tower, mitigate against the type of signal obstructions that slow Wi-fi speeds. I suspect it also...
Exactly! I'm dumbfounded by all the whiners who got exactly what they were asking for. Now, it's, "OMG, Apple effed this up!" I'm finally convinced that some people, even so-called Apple fans, will never be happy. I read the live blogs and watched the keynote and Apple did pretty much everything they could have with this iOS 7 release-and more. Cry me a frickin' river.
I don't think it does. I always need to authenticate at Starbucks (I'm on ATT) whenever I try Wi-fi. Starbucks is an ATT Wi-fi partner.
I think Apple wants iAd revenue and increased payments from iTunes sales. It will be interesting to see what they roll out.   Having said that, I would love a decent curated streaming radio service that also allows me to cache tunes for offline listening and I'm willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for that. Unfortunately, Spotify just does not work for me. Pandora also does not fit the bill, either. I do not want to train a computer to know what I like, not do...
Well said
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