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Amazon is not, by any stretch a profitable Android hardware maker. That is, unless you count <100MM (big maybe) in profits profitable.
I think they forked themselves out of the Google Play Store.
More and more it seems like Google is exposing iOS's Achille's heel-very many iOS users rely on Google apps for core services like email. Google, at will, can handicap those services for iOS users, potentially pushing them even further to Android if they want the full breadth of those services' features. Unfortunately, Apple must allow these Google apps into the App Store or potentially face anti-competition charges. It remains to be seen if iOS users will give up Google...
Can iOS benefit from a refresh? Yes. Has it been refreshed for the better in the past? Arguably, yes. Will it get newly-refreshed without adding unnecessary complexity? Probably. Having said that, from what I've read so far in these comments, the vast majority of iOS's "shortcomings" could be solved by one or more of the following maneuvers:   1) Locate your Settings app icon on the springboard dock,   2) download one or more of about 1,000,000 third-party apps...
We'll see how much that Android malware annoys you. 
I agree, Apple could take some wind out of Sammy's sails. Also, moving iPhone production earlier in the calendar year can free up resources to have ample supply before fall arrives. They then would spread out iPad and iPad mini between earlier and later in the calendar year in six month cycles. later in the year. In addition to spring, the latter two will continue to be major sales leaders during the holiday shopping season, perhaps even more than...
What's the gripe with Shazam? I genuinely do not know and haven't had a problem with the service.
I wonder if Apple has any IP on this type of stuff. If not, incorporating something like this into an iWatch-type device would be nice. I was surprised when they didn't acquire Leap Motion and assumed that they had their own touch-less/voice-less interface in the works. 
Looks good. The price/feature/performance mix of many styli I've researched have been less than impressive.
New Posts  All Forums: