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Makes me wonder how the Chromebook Pixel is working out for them. Google doesn't quite realize that there's a difference between being out-of-reach and harboring elitist aspirations vs. Apple's strategy of affordable luxury. Glass is out-of-reach enough. Did they have to make seeing/using this product truly only available to Glassholes? Their marketing is just, just horrible.
I imagine Apple will still make tons of money through the online Apple Store. The refreshed iOS Apple Store app will make it even easier and more enjoyable for shoppers to part with their money between overstuffed plates of meats and treats.   Gobble, gobble, y'awlll!
Maybe I got this wrong, but my understanding from this and another story is that now all US Apple Retail Stores WILL be closed. All WERE previously planned to be closed on Thanksgiving Day, yet some managers balked, wanted NOT to be closed, and planned to remain open. Tim vetoed that position (ostensibly losing money for the company) and stated that, yes, they all WOULD be closed. Story: All US Apple Retail stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, potentially losing...
Clearly people love the iPad (although my needs differ) and have found workarounds for some of its limitations for use as a desktop replacement. Yet I can only imagine this "device" as primarily a desktop replacement using touch on iOS instead of OSX and K/M. Secondarily, some folks will detach it from a lightweight keyboard (Apple's own design) for meetings, presentations, moving around the house, etc.   It may not make use of multiple app windows simultaneously, yet...
I do know all that. Calculating margin of error is one of the most basic of 100-level statistics. You wrote: "All of this assumes the sample was truly random; but there's no reason to assume it's not, unless otherwise known." Wow. Really? Understanding how to calculate a simple statistic using division and square root, yet not knowing how to challenge basic assumptions in absence of any documentation of methods is an error that usually, godawfully, is present in a great...
Despite what you might think, I don't jump when people like you say jump. I have nothing to prove. What I will say is that margins of error mean nada when there is no data AT ALL about the population that provides context for a statistic. Furthermore, an N of 400 is uninterpretable when the size of the population and characteristics of the sample are undefined. Anyone can play with sample size to increase power and artificially boost significance. And IIRC, in some other...
@anadtksundaram: Wrong. My interpretation of the data presented was completely sound. I have a social science doctorate. Any freshman in an intro stats class will know YOU have no idea what you're talking about.
I shouldn't have replied from my phone
@muadibe Nope. I'm a huge Apple fan as my posts here will confirm. I happen to think it's hypocritical for AI commenters to disregard bad statistics when Apple is seen in a good light and promote bad stats if they make Apple look good. But your guess was quite predictable.
Meh. That sample is far too small and non-representative to adequately detect a reliable and generalizable effect. The article itself has far too little information to glean any context about how the data was collected.
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