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Many, many people on this forum said that the iPad mini needed to be no more than $249 to be a hit. I disagreed whole-heartedly. Their pricing suppositions proved to be very, very wrong. No offense to those who are strapped for cash, but if $50 spread over a 2-3 year life of a smartphone is too much to bear, he or she should seek out a different option.
I think $399 for a new value model unlocked is the right price, all things considered. Any less and they'll be leaving cash on the table, any more and there will be a psychological pricing barrier. Design-wise, they could use the same unibody aluminum iPhone case, 4" Retina display, include LTE, have a cheaper camera and NAND, offer 16 GB storage capacity only, etc. The 4 and 4S will be axed and this new model will get the last gen iPhone's one-year-old guts. (I think the...
But you can. Inside Camera.app, you can tap on the Camera Roll button, which is in the bottom left corner and is represented as a miniature of the last picture in your Camera Roll. That button takes you to the Camera Roll (which, again, IS in your Camera App). From your Camera Roll or Photos.app, tap on a photo, the share sheet emerges, and you can share that photo with any number of enabled apps (e.g., iMessage, Mail, facebook, Twitter). That bottom left button in...
Agreed. I just can't see selling it for less than a Galaxy Nexus. It just sends the wrong signal. And they don't NEED to sell it too low.
Speak for yourself. From what I can tell many, many folks here understand Apple's position on this. It is thoroughly consistent with their moves to remove optical media from their notebooks and iMacs. The vast majority of people who appreciate Apple's focus on simplicity, or merely benefit from it, are likely to agree. Also, it seems that 16GB is more than enough for most.   I've learned my lesson and know that I ned to go to the next highest storage tier in my next...
Great post. My thoughts: the Apple app icons are too abstracted (what is the app represented by the icon above the blue messages icon?) and flat (a bit of 3D effect and shading on the keyboard would be nice). I like the lack of gloss and texture on the app icons as well as the warm color tones, but the Apple apps should retain their current icon colors, at least in the short term. The Clock app interface is uninviting. The Safari (is that a Klingon weapon?) and Photos (I...
  Quoting Ireland: LOL, you can also tap them. Anywhere.     Well, daggummit, ya learn somethin' new everyday...but, seriously, why even make it a toggle slider? Where's the "obviousness"?
I huge gripe for me is that the toggle buttons in the Settings app are a real pain to use. I don't think it's just my monster hands. It is very difficult to slide the toggle over and back smoothly and reliably. I'm not sure if they need larger buttons or simply need to work on the code. Netflix's larger red volume buttons in their iOS apps work quite well in terms of being sufficiently-large touch targets and feeling very responsive to toggling.
It's Ive, not Ives. Sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore 
They were willing to sacrifice screen quality, but were not willing to sacrifice thinness, weight, and battery life (i.e., iPad mini's job is to maximize portability in a device running iPad apps).
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