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A bit off topic, TS, but I for one am glad you've not been banned. But have you been and now you're, like, a Mod Zombie now? Just asking.
I get your point, but I live in Manhattan and often carry my iPhone charger in my pocket when i don;t have a briefcase with me. I would definitely use one.   Also, I did mention that a good option would be an attended vendor, much like the newspaper and candy vendors on the sidewalks and in the subway stations; and the person using a "secured" kiosk won't be required to leave the area, but they could.    Even if most people won't need it, in a city of over 8 million...
Twenty-five charging stations and what, six outlets? In a city of over 8 million residents and millions more tourists? Yeah, that'll do it. Meanwhile, I'll pull up a folding chair, grab a bag of popcorn, and watch the mayhem ensue. I can seriously see the fights breaking out while disgruntled residents wait for a gaggle of tweens get full charges on their iPhones.    Seriously, I'm still surprised that there hasn't been a commercial service where street vendors...
BTW, I'm gonna go out on a limb here:  To say that your refusal to name even one developer problem "in the forums" would be a violation of Apple's developer NDA is not at all credible. .
Surprising that a developer with significant iOS critiques made no mention of system-level, frameworks, iCloud synch or API difficulties in your list of iOS problems. Also surprising that these superficial and easily-corerectable (even by the user in Settings) "problems" merit your criticisms. In fact, your thread seems to prove the very point DED was making about somewhat baseless gripes by real or so-called developers.
DED does come across at times as a bloviator. Nonetheless, through all of your post, you failed to mention a single specific problem with iOS7-neither from a developer nor from a consumer perspective. Where's your objectivity, i.e., knowledge gleaned from observable and communicable facts?
You, like many others, try very hard to make people forget al the very crappy phones Samsung ships. You intentionally tried obscure the crappy nature of their product by pointing only to the S4. You got called on it and tried to backtrack. Lame.
Those articles you quote are amusingly unconvincing.
Nothing in that post supports that the components (they say are) being shipped are necessarily for a lower-cost iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: