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 Something tells me that ship set sail at WWDC. Apple's solution is low priced iCloud Drive storage, not a break on the price for internal storage. Not saying I agree, but I think that is their thinking. People need extra space mainly for their photos and videos and Apple has provided that at a nominal cost-in perpetuity and tied to your Apple ID not your phone. That's kinda genius from a business perspective.
No offense, but you sound exactly like a paid shill for Amazon. Not saying you are one, but you sound exactly how I'd expect one to sound.
I thinI heard a stat that the wait time for Mayday is under 10 seconds. Impressive if true.
You'd agree that the app ecosytem is important, no?
This product NEEDS a disruptive pricing model for hardware and data/voice. To turn Gruber's Apple observations on their ear, "Only Amazon could do that." Given the strength of AWS, I'm surprised. I agree that the 3D stuff is gimmicky, but Amazon Prime for a year (should be for the life of the 2 year contract) and the tie-ins with Amazon purchases were marketing no-brainers To wit, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite mainly because Amazon offered me a zero itnterest payment plan...
I agree, and in that sense LeBron is no different.
I had a feeling I would see this type of post coming. Reading something into nothing? Ok. 
Ok, so all celebrity endorsers are "whores"? Or just the "urban" ones? I've read a lot of your angry rants, but this barely-concealed coded racist language "This is the kind of people that Apple wishes to be associated with?" is much too much. There, I said it. 
I read that, too. If you liked that DF take down, you should check out the episode of Gruber's podcast, the Talk Show, where Gurman was a guest. Ouch!
I agree; my favorite OSX feature is desktop Spaces, but very few Windows users are aware of that feature and many Mac users also have no idea. I think the reason is that Apple limits feature messages is that they are trying to push the "experiences" aspects, rather than the tech aspects of the products. But again, I agree. Ben Thompson at Stretechery.com has written a lot about how he feels Apple misses the mark in their iPad marketing and advertising. It's also surprising...
New Posts  All Forums: