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I need to upgrade my 2011 13" MBA and was hoping for a thinner, lighter, quieter fanless 12" MBA (rumored).   Hopefully this will happen in 2015; perhaps for the better. I have some scratch set aside for a new iPhone to replace my 4S in September-I'm going at least 32GB and probably 64.   As a separate note, Apple cannot be happy with being at the end of the queue for next gen Intel silicon.
If TSMC can delivery great chips at great volume and price, then this is the best news ever! Screw Scamsung...   I truly think this type of move is what Steve meant by "thermonuclear war"...not endless litigation.   Make it hurt where it counts-cut Scroogle out of desktop and mobile search and reduce orders from disloyal supply chain partners.   Stupid move, Scammy. And way to go, Tim!
This new iteration of the iPod would need to be iPod "XYZ" unless all bandless forms of the iPod were discontinued, no? I don't see the nano, shuffle, touch, and classic going away any time soon.
Wouldn't it make more sense to build a iPod nano-like player directly into the Beats wireless headphones?
Point taken, but minorities in the US are not necessarily minorities all across the globe. Also, US sports celebrities traditionally have had enormous global cachet. Apple increasingly is a global brand with global product and marketing reach. 
I'll just need to get Jimmy Iovine's email address. I can email Tim and Cc Jimmy about the lack of universal liner notes for iTunes music albums.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves....this analyst was just GUESSING that such a feature MAY be used in an "iWatch" product that was not announced, hasn't shipped, and may not even exist. What we do know is that it WILL come to iPhone this fall with iOS 8.  
The idea of voice messages as an alternative to text is a good one. The demo at WWDC was pretty cool, but I don't think I'll be that comfortable making even a brief voice message speaking into my wrist.
Although I like the 5 and 5s industrial design, something different would be nice. My hope would be that the top and bottom back panels would be Liquidmetal, not glass, allowing for radio frequency transparency while retaining an all-metal back. Glass is a nice touch, but never quite seemed to be the ideal choice for the rear of the iPhone chassis.   However, ff these mockups are accurate with the exception that the final product will include glass back panels, the...
New Posts  All Forums: