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I personally skipped the entire 5 series iPhone because of the scratch/ding-prone metal casing. That and the horrific glass forehead and chin on the back. Also, wasn't that iteration very hard to mill?
I agree...also, I haven't quite found a way to quickly add whole albums from curated playlists to My Music. I tend to leave the playlist, go to search, and add an artist's album(s) from there. Tracks and albums should be able to be added to My Music from any section of Music. I'll play around a bit more. And, yes, I think many UI elements are small.
I've been listening throughout the day. It's the launch of a new worldwide service, so they need to establish a presence. Also, Zane, I thought, spoke far more than Julie (Judy?).
The BBC did not invent free form commercial free radio. Give that up. What exactly is the innovation or invention here that you are attributing to the BBC? I'll take a shot-radio is integrated with your own music library, curated playlists, and a store from which to can buy said music if you so choose. What the BBC has, unless I am mistaken is....um, radio.
I agree...Zane is absolutely crushing! I see what all the fuss is about with him. It's definitely not for everyone, but I love it.
Music is an embarrassment of riches. Will I get any work done today?!? Beats 1 Radio is amazing. Some expectable promos, but no commercials. I tuned very early and heard Brian Eno-Ambient 1: Music for Airports. One of my favorite LP's of all time. I have it on vinyl, but haven't heard this on the radio in decades. Well done!
yeah, me too. lightning fast.
Here's all I need to know....I just opened the redesigned Music app, turned on Beats 1 Radio and out of nowhere, one of my very favorite artists and albums of all time-Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. I haven't heard this on the radio since WXPN (Philadelphia) in the early 90's. I NEVER hear Eno on the radio...so cool. And to think that people all over the world may be hearing Eno for the first time. Very impressed. 
It was a no-brainer for me to go 128 GB. I don't regret it. 32 GB would not have worked at all and 64 would be too tight for my uses. I don't even think about capacity limits and enjoy my phone so much more. having said that, I also think I'll keep this phone that much longer.
I think I read Apple's exclusive consumer electronics deal is ending in 2015. I could be wrong and I didn't search around for the link. It would be hard to believe all this work will come to nothing.
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