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Putting it in a modified colorful aluminum iPod touch case.
Its hiding in plain sight as the iPod touch.
I generally agree. Most people are on two-year contracts or two year payment plans. Many who upgraded in the past year did so to the 6/6+ from the 5. Those who have not upgraded yet will be upgrading to the 6S/6S+ from the 5S. Some people are on S upgrade cycles, some are not. I suspect that 50% or more are on two year upgrade cycles give or take a few months. They will get the newest phone, i.e, likely are not interested in saving $100 to go down a level to save $100...
I don't think so; they would need to re-engineer practically the entire phone to "stuff" a 4.7" phone into a 4" case. they're not doing that. They're doing a new aluminum phone, 4" with 5S internals (6C)-perhaps aluminum in colors like the new-gen touch. Otherwise, no new 4" phone; just a 4" iPod touch.
Anyone who would use this is already on Facebook or iMessage-but I guess yahoo had to do something.
Great idea....and not to get into political flame war, but much of that money could go to crumbling schools and not just crumbling roads. 
I also switched from Downcast to Overcast. I'm a heavy podcast listener and Overcast is almost perfect for my needs.
Overcast is the best podcast player, IMO, especially for managing playlists. There's no streaming (yet?), however. I know that can be a deal breaker for some. I couldn't deal with Apple's app. Apple's app has better discovery than Overcast. Having all that, I don't regret having spent the $5 on Overcast.
I had subscribed to Hulu+ to watch Criterion Collection films. There are dozens, if not hundreds of the CC films basically only on Hulu+. A smattering of these films are available here or there, but being able to binge watch through the entire collection on demand is fantastic. Having said that, I did unsubscribe recently because I simply did not have time to watch. The Criterion Collection should have their own stand-alone app for Apple TV. Also, I only have very basic...
This has me wondering if Apple will say bye bye to the C series iPhone. One less set of SKUs and they'll likely reel in the Tweens. 6S/6S+/iPod Touch. There's always a question of where the old components go-they go to the Touch, not the C. In a few months, with the likely debut of the A9, the iPod Touches will all begin to inherit the year-ago application processors camera modules, etc. This keeps the iPod alive (also driving app installs and media purchases) while...
New Posts  All Forums: