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I also switched from Downcast to Overcast. I'm a heavy podcast listener and Overcast is almost perfect for my needs.
Overcast is the best podcast player, IMO, especially for managing playlists. There's no streaming (yet?), however. I know that can be a deal breaker for some. I couldn't deal with Apple's app. Apple's app has better discovery than Overcast. Having all that, I don't regret having spent the $5 on Overcast.
I had subscribed to Hulu+ to watch Criterion Collection films. There are dozens, if not hundreds of the CC films basically only on Hulu+. A smattering of these films are available here or there, but being able to binge watch through the entire collection on demand is fantastic. Having said that, I did unsubscribe recently because I simply did not have time to watch. The Criterion Collection should have their own stand-alone app for Apple TV. Also, I only have very basic...
This has me wondering if Apple will say bye bye to the C series iPhone. One less set of SKUs and they'll likely reel in the Tweens. 6S/6S+/iPod Touch. There's always a question of where the old components go-they go to the Touch, not the C. In a few months, with the likely debut of the A9, the iPod Touches will all begin to inherit the year-ago application processors camera modules, etc. This keeps the iPod alive (also driving app installs and media purchases) while...
Apple would get a lot of good press and do much good if they donated older Mac models (maybe display units from their stores) to public libraries. It's not often that I see Macs in public libraries. I'm not missing your point, just sayin'.....
I agree, the Soho store is one of the least jam packed Apple stores in Manhattan. Soho is jam packed with young women clothes shopping. Also, the store itself is on a busy (but small) intersection. My main store is grand Central and that is truly jam packed with shoppers and commuters smack in the middle of the city. I doubt he'd get away with that there.
I personally skipped the entire 5 series iPhone because of the scratch/ding-prone metal casing. That and the horrific glass forehead and chin on the back. Also, wasn't that iteration very hard to mill?
I agree...also, I haven't quite found a way to quickly add whole albums from curated playlists to My Music. I tend to leave the playlist, go to search, and add an artist's album(s) from there. Tracks and albums should be able to be added to My Music from any section of Music. I'll play around a bit more. And, yes, I think many UI elements are small.
I've been listening throughout the day. It's the launch of a new worldwide service, so they need to establish a presence. Also, Zane, I thought, spoke far more than Julie (Judy?).
The BBC did not invent free form commercial free radio. Give that up. What exactly is the innovation or invention here that you are attributing to the BBC? I'll take a shot-radio is integrated with your own music library, curated playlists, and a store from which to can buy said music if you so choose. What the BBC has, unless I am mistaken is....um, radio.
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