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Vinyl sales are not at an "all time high". They are higher now than the '90s and '00s, but not nearly as high as the '60s and '70s.
It would need to have at least 1TB of DVR storage to attack much interest from those wanting a DVR and certainly wouldn't be the same price as an Airport Extreme ($199). This will come in at about $299, maybe with a 1TB HDD and upgradable to an SSD.
You'll just use your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch....I'd be surprised if they sell or bundle a single-purpose haptic remote with Apple TV.
If Apple brings ForceTouch to iPhones and iPads, they'll both make excellent game controllers. I think they will and think ForceTouch and AppleTV will work nicely together also as a remote. Many folks have complained about the gum stick ATV remote; with FT and Siri, Apple may have removed that pain point.
The general public would be much more likely to adopt VR glasses if:   a) VR eye wear would look no different than other eye wear; due to battery and microprocessor constraints, that's many years away (10 years sounds about right to me)   b) It is clear that the device could not record, i.e., be display only. In this instance there could be two models: a consumer model that does not record and a commercial version used in industrial settings that could record. The...
From what I have read, Magic Leap's technology is quite compelling, but it seems a lot of VC funded tech companies are very good at hyping their tech, especially perhaps in the hardware space.   Having said that, ML were to be acquired, I'd find it hard to imagine that Google would not offer them a price they wanted, especially if Google is a major initial investor. I just don't see how Apple could (or would want to) grab Magic Leap at what would be a hefty premium. A...
He's a D**K!!, why? Why does he bother you so much, especially given you only "know" him through media portrayals? And we know how objective they are.
Do you have ANY idea how many artists of all genres and media change their names? Lady Gaga? I doubt you know much about rap at all to begin to make any conclusions about Jay Z's reputation in that medium. If you don't like rap music or rap culture, fine. However, your "these guys" and "Yo, Bro" statements tell me a lot about you.
Their statements tend to be tightly controlled by the central government. Could an individual bureaucrat put this out without express direction from their superiors? Perhaps it was simply a trial balloon that was floated?
Huh...more than the U.S.? Russia? We're all bad actors.
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