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How do you know Apple actually did infringe Bose's patent...just because Bose claimed so?
As I've mentioned before, I would really LOVE  for Apple to make a device that incorporates a AC Wi-Fi router, an xTB hard drive, and Apple TV. Add HomeKit to this and now we're in business. I think the benefits to consumers and Apple are obvious. In case those reasons are not obvious...here's what might be a common scenario.   Presently, I need a new Airport router and would like to have some sort of Apple DVR along with my Apple TV. If this can all use HomeKit to, say,...
ordered on apple online store@5:30am. 64gb silver att-piece of cake. available for pickup 9/19@grand central apple store. i'll be there @7am when store opens. really easy.
Whoa!!! This is huge. Only Apple. The fact that Apple can get the best of the best to work one and two levels under CEO is amazing. I'm very excited for Apple's future products. 
Especially given the larger screen phones we're all anticipating, my sense is that this time around Apple will continue the trend toward a larger, more international list of invitees. Reaching out to global media mavens may also account for the longer invitation lead time...it's a lot more difficult to schlep from UAE or Beijing to Cupertino than from Boston or New York.
That's a very Apple-y solution.
Stupid and pathetic, but otherwise par for the course for Scamscum.
Frothy desperation from both Barnes and Noble and Samsung. 
And this:   http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/iphone-6-will-have-sapphire-glass-thanks-to-gtats-hoard
It is not likely that Apple inked a deal with GT Advanced last year and began production in 2013 for Apple and ramping up massive volume production with new high capacity (165kg + boule furnaces) of Sapphire shortly thereafter only to leave these parts on the shelf for about two years? GT also mentioned a new furnace technology to produce boules significantly larger than that for a special purpose.   I don't think Tim Cook would line the pockets of a supplier so far in...
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