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I haven't been keen on this rumored plan from the beginning. I also wouldn't trust Jimmy Iovine or maybe any music exec. Most seem to feel they're all sharks and liars. I'm sure Apple knows a lot about him, but I feel like they are being sold a bill of goods by Jimmy. I'm not sure what he's promising, but he's somehow turned a meager investment into $3.2bn?   Also, for Apple's part, I've said it before and I'l say it again-Eddy Cue does not have what it takes to get done...
Thanks for the link!
And this: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-29/apple-s-bob-mansfield-shifts-work-to-special-projects.html
Not sure, but as head of Technologies, his work is centered on hardware, especially wireless and semiconductors. I'd find it hard to believe that he didn't at least "bless" the purchase.
Silly question: What's the best way (easiest and with minimal fees) to buy several shares of AAPL? I'll consult a financial advisor, but this may be far simpler than I think.
Something tells me Big Bob Mansfield had a role to play in bringing this technology forward. Special Project, indeed!
Until Maps can find 77th St and Second Avenue in Manhattan I'll have no use for it. Shameful. Apple hasn't sorted out New York Frickin' City. Try it for yourself. Maps can't find a common intersection. Also, the paucity of landmarks on the Manhattan map is astounding. This is not a manpower issue; it''s utter neglect. I enjoy DED's posts, but this Maps thing he's on is a joke. Maps still is horrible. Period.
File under, "Best of DED".......very funny, well-written, and well-timed.
Apple doesn't innovate.   /s
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