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I shouldn't have replied from my phone
@muadibe Nope. I'm a huge Apple fan as my posts here will confirm. I happen to think it's hypocritical for AI commenters to disregard bad statistics when Apple is seen in a good light and promote bad stats if they make Apple look good. But your guess was quite predictable.
Meh. That sample is far too small and non-representative to adequately detect a reliable and generalizable effect. The article itself has far too little information to glean any context about how the data was collected.
I agree that's the case with consumer (especially mobile) products. Institutional budgets tend not to revolve around the fall/holiday buying season. More often, it seems, Apple is willing or forced to release desktops and notebooks away from the holiday schedule. They SHOULD release new Macs in the Spring and perhaps also the 6" iPhone and 12" iPad, as these may be more expensive (not holiday gifts) and may be more desirable to education and enterprise. Additionally,...
Great points.
She was right. They did that with iTunes Radio.
The A7 is super fast, so why do you need more RAM-more pixels on a larger Retina screen? Just because more is better? Why couldn't they achieve the same performance benchmarks an A8?
iTunes is a major service of Apple's. After years of, arguably, being a break-even "business", it is become an increasingly profitable revenue stream. Horace Dediu has a nice run-down on this over a series of articles. Here's his most recent-impressive revenue numbers: http://www.asymco.com/2013/08/05/itunes-update/
  Uhhh...maybe I'll give it another try once I replace the dying Airport Express I picked up in 2006 
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