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I'm with you on this one. I tried Spotify, but could not stomach $10 a month for music. I love iTunes Radio and I've tuned my 12 or so stations really well. I have iTunes Match-no commercials and use my iPhone for iTunes Radio, my own music, and podcasts at work. I pair my iPhone with a small Bluetooth speaker (Sony SRS BTV 5). Works great for me. Desktop computer speakers tend to suck. This one's good enough, but cheap enough to be replaceable. I bought a few of them for...
Where exactly is Google anywhere at social?
Apple has 'historically' been terrible at services? My word! Has anyone heard of anything called iTunes? It forever changed the entire music and video distribution industries....so funny how Googlers coopt and circumscribe the definition of "services" to their own advantage. Google Play would not exist if it weren't for Apple.
Apple is at the VERY cutting edge ofcomputing hardware. PERIOD.
Shane Cole is insufferable on this podcast, "Apple is never going to make a car...get over it." What?!? Says you, Shane?
All I want from Apple this year is a redesigned TV that incorporates Airport Extreme/Time capsule. I want one device to ditch my cable box, current Airport, and that has a built-in HDD/SSD/Fusion for backing up all my media. Well, that and a 21.5" Retina iMac.... I don't quite get it. The hardware required to run the TV is so trivial, why not throw it into their other Wi-fi networking devices? I'm sure it would drive iTunes sales if costumers knew that that is where...
USB-C on an "iPad Pro", but not the non-Pro. The average iPad user wouldn't know what to do with USB-C, that is, compared the the Lightning connector they just became familiar with.
I'd love a 21.5" Retina Display (standalone) or Retina iMac with some decent CPU/RAM/SSD specs. If they could deliver that for about $2,000 I'd bite. 
I'm not sure who's foolish enough to give 10%, but I get the point. Now if church officials (Catholic or otherwise) can use an app to give away money, that'll be great.
Tim mentioned, I think on Charlie Rose, that based on hardware sales alone, Beats as a business is $1bn per annum accretive. Great buy. When you look at the Apple store you see the prominent positioning of Beats audio hardware. Apple, IMHO, is 70% there with Maps. They don't need to spend $3.2bn on Here. iPhone and Maps sales are not suffering because of Maps and I think they'll be big announcements on transit and POI improvements to Maps at dub dub. Watch OS has been a...
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