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They wrapped the highly polished sections in plastic. This is needed, IMO, because in packaging jewelry, highly polished parts are easily nicked. All it takes is one tiny nick for a customer to call Apple back asking for a replacement. I do think the plastic box is not very eco-friendly, but I bet it is highly recyclable. Buyers should be able to place them in their recycle bins. Done. But again, all you need is a crushed box and/or Watch, it it'll be getting sent back or...
Nice ads. Funny, though, I rarely watch TV and only get to see Apple ads on AI.
Good luck with that, sincerely. I'm hoping my wife will let me get the 42mm stainless with sport band. If so, I'll ask for the Milanese loop for the holidays.
It's not clear if the Nexus phones are subsidized or not. I would imagine that are unsubsidized. Each person/member of a household would be required to have paid full price up front for the Nexus 6 to be able to make use of this plan, no?   I'm not sure MVNO subscribers care that much about a Nexus 6. This seems to be marketed to Nexus 6 owners, yet I don't see how this marginally more affordable plan will move the needle of Nexus sales. A few Android dorks will bite,...
Don't get me started on this...New York City Maps.app search and POI data are abysmal. The subway information, in particular, is horrid.   Yes, the Maps team is likely doing a lot of ground-up work, but c'mon. There are roughly 468 subway stations in New York City. When you go to Apple Maps and zoom in on a subway station icon, you'll note that you'll see the street intersection information for where the station is located, but not the subway letter or number of the...
Not an appropriate comparison. Those are 100+ year old brands in established markets. Apple is doing what it has proven to do best in tech and now in fashion-create a whole new market for its newly-created product. The difference is like docking a boat versus parting deep waters.
I'd love a space gray band for the 42mm Watch I want.
Great point! I fogot about that. I didn't check that link, but I remember reading a story and seeing photos of Steve demoing an early Mac to a very young Sean Lennon with Yoko Ono in the mid-80's at their chichi Manhattan co-op. Andy Warhol was there and Steve gave him a personal, private demo, also.
I'm not blaming her. I've read a great deal about the type of innovation she brought to Burberry "stores". A huge part of that was blurring lines between physical stores, online stores, and social media.Using your logic, Ive and Newson are "design" and wouldn't have a role in social media campaigns either. To wit, a recent automotive hardware/software engineer poached from BMW was given the title of Mac OSX engineer. Apple has a history of obfuscating product naming and...
For very many people, especially women, glamour IS fun. For many of them it is the most fun.
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