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Ditto...excellent choice that I hadn't thought of. In addition to terrific acting chops (American Hustle!) Bale even has that very subtle lisp that Steve had.
Perhaps Peter can try to steer Goldman in a better direction.
Pray tell...why is that? From my view, he's been an excellent steward of Apple's assets.
Google's strategy with recent acquisitions seems somewhat clear to me (with the exception of the WhatsApp bid) when looked from the perspective of AI and robotics. They missed the boat on hardware/software integration in CE to Apple and are looking to the future of robots (in which Apple seems to have limited interest). Specifically, they have been acquiring top talent and companies in artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep machine learning, and manufactured...
Or one may take Facebook at its word. They may leave it as a standalone app and simply reap the profits that otherwise FB was not harvesting. There is no need for Facebook to bring WhatsApp in house and use it to serve ads-especially if the user base is frugal and would abandon the app once rolled into Facebook. FB can be content to grow the WhatsApp user base as it had been growing and maybe up the yearly charge $1.99 per year, generating $1.99B a year when the user base...
Many oMany of these iWatch rumors come from patent filings and recent hires. All the medical/heath sensor hires have led some to believe Apple's wearable will primarily be a medical sensor device. I don't think so.Tim has said several times that most wearables do one thing quite well (throwing a bone to Nike, I guess) but few do many things well. I think they are trying to create a device that does very many things well-much like IPhone does. That's the secret sauce to...
VreatGreat post. Authentication needs to be a major feature. A question with regard to fashion options is how nicely will Jony play with the fashion execs Apple recently hired.
Amazing how much better iPad has gotten. At the same time, amazing how many people I know refuse to sell and upgrade because they love whatever iPad they've originally owned. I simply can't convince my wife to sell her iPad 3 while it still has some appreciable value (probably about $275) and get the Air.
Ditch the iPod touch already and go with 5.5" iPad nano-wifi and cellular.
Imagine a 2 or 3 TB Airport Time Capsule/Apple TV hybrid device (in Apple TV Black) that can wirelessly beam form content to multiple optional 802.11ac Wifi enabled Apple Retina Displays in multiple rooms of the house. Wireless TV with one "box"-BOOM!   I have an aging Airport Extpress and 3rd Gen Apple TV and would love to upgrade them both in one stroke. I'm waiting....
New Posts  All Forums: