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But is it patented? I mean really, really patented. 
I think the MBA is going away and will be fully-replaced by the macBook. When that happens..I'd guess 2-3 years. For example, they still sell the non-Retina 13" MacBook Pro and will likely do so until IDK? A year or two ago they still sold a non-Retina 15"MBP. I suspect they'll draw down inventory on the 13" MBP and ramp volume and lower prices on the current MacBook as soon as logistically and economically feasible. 
I guess I'm not so orthodox about it and understand the annoyance with folks who refer to the MacBook as a tablet. For me and others, however, this feels like a new kind of device somewhere between a Mac and an iPad. For many, the compact form factor, a single-port design, Retina display, and a long battery life, all enable a tablet-like charge-and-go. Such design decisions reference the iPad design (which we all know emanated from iPhone and so on). Hence, the "-esque" ,...
I didn't think the comment was troll-ish or off the mark, but that's just me. Apple appears to have applied a lot of what they learned designing iPad and iPhone to making this machine.
It's clear that Apple's hardware teams have pretty much a blank check to design the absolute best possible machines. I really don't think ANY other personal computer company's hardware division is even close to having this type of freedom-even if they had the talent.
Is that Gruber on stage on the left?
You're correct. Using my logic that would be the case and increasingly IS the case. Many more iOS users can and are using iPhones for general purpose computing. Professors complain all the time about students who bang out term papers on their iPhones. The 6 Plus is powerful enough (and has a large enough screen) to be used in place of a notebook or tablet computer for many others. BTW, I hear Watch is having yield issues. Can you CNC me one in your Tony Stark lab? Watch...
Point taken...and to think I took him off my block list just to do that.
Exactly...I thought the SSD upgrade was closer to $1200, pushing that configuration to close to $3,200.
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