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Let's see what this really means. Will the entirety of the GOOG purchase be unloaded, or just parts like the handset, set-top box, or patent portfolio assets, etc.? If it's all being sold for an outright $9.5 billion loss, shareholders should (but won't) demand heads roll.
I said it before and I'll say it again, Eddy Cue has way too much on his plate. Apple needs to reorg Internet Software and Services and/or find a new SVP.   From Apple Press from apple.com/pr/bios:    "Eddy oversees Apple's industry-leading content stores including the iTunes Store, the revolutionary App Store and the iBookstore, as well as Siri, Maps, iAd and Apple's innovative iCloud services."   And this gem:   "Eddy's team has an excellent track record of...
I continue to find the Apple Remote App woeful. The UI is uninviting, it's laggy, glitchy, etc. And it's not just my Wifi router. It really needs some love. I can only hope that it hasn't been updated because something much better in the works. This seems like a familiar Apple move-having the current "just good enough" product (Remote app) as a placeholder for a product still in development.
One problem is that I think consumers were confused-even those familiar with iPhone.There appeared to be significant uncertainty about what it was among those who do not follow tech blogs. Apple did not define the 5C as "last years phone", but many others in the press and casual conversation did. However, on the other hand the case was new....then the 4S was still hanging around, and some people new that China had the 4, or something like that. A real marketing and...
I'm no more sure than anyone else outside Cupertino, but I have a very hard time seeing Apple position a 4.8" model as the "flagship". The "iPhone" that is marketed most heavily will be the one that appeals to the greatest number and widest range of users. I don't see a phone that large being most appealing-certainly not in the U. S. I also haven't read anywhere that even 5+ inch Android phones make up the majority of Android sales.    Moreover, I can't imagine Apple...
The iPad "Pro" definitely would not come out until WWDC. My sense is that they would release such hardware as they pull the trigger on multiple window environments in iOS (or some clever solution thereof) to optimize the larger screen size experience on a 13" tablet. In the same way that apps may be developed for iPhone only, iPad only, or both, an iPad Pro SDK may be released to help developers prepare and update apps for such functionality.
If this report turns out to be true, I'll be happy as a pig in $#1T. I'm off release cycle and won't be eligible for an upgrade until March or so and will get  6 month old 5S or wait even longer for a "6". I can get a new hardware model shortly after I'm up for a new subbed phone. I superficially long for a new new iPhone model since I missed the 5 and 5s releases and am still stuck on a 4S   In some ways it would make sense for Apple to release large (or Pro) mobile...
If Andy Rubin can make a viable business out of this and other robotics-related Google acquisitions, then color me impressed. Something just tells me he's in over his head and that this might be some sort of vanity project.
I  think the move is a direct response to competition from the likes of T Mobile who already offer some form of this "discount". With this move ATT and their shareholders may see the wisdom of stanching subscriber flows to more affordable networks.
With hundreds of millions of iOS and Mac users, Apple must be drowning in data and needs to throw some money at the problem. There's quite a bit on the backend of their services offerings that Apple could use the underlying algorithms and human talent for, including:   iTunes iCloud iAd iTunes Radio iOS and Mac App Stores Apple Online Retail Stores Apple TV Maps [In my dreams: Apple Search]
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