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You're taking things out of context. Apple Pay debuts (after Google had their own brand-Google Wallet). Very shortly after Samsung and Google respond with new marketing efforts; "Hey let's call or Samsung Pay and Android Pay." And I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that Google and Samsung collaborated on that branding effort. Google/Android/Samsung customers continually dismiss the blatant copying. After a while there are massive credibility hits. It's really lame and really...
Reread your own charming second paragraph: "They're also dong it properly with tokenisation - thanks to Visa and Mastercard etc - so where credit is due let's not just be "nah nah nah Apple did this first.." We're not 3 year old kids in a playground for heaven's sake." I would not have had the response I had if you had not been so dismissive. There were passionate but rational criticisms of yet another perceived ripoff and you reduced it to a claim that others were acting...
The operative phrase here is "supposed to be". Let's see how that pans out. And "far better"? That's laughable.
No one would care as much if those Android/Samsung services were not named XXXXX Pay. That is a ripoff designed to cause brand and functionality confusion and piggyback off Apple's marketing efforts. Several folks including yourself are poo poo-ing the blowback, but what do you think Google expected when they branded their service Android Pay? Why don't you address that aspect of it?
Go away. The concern is not about Google having its own electronic wallet. Eventually, everyone and their grandmother will have one. What's pissing people here off is that Samsung named their service Samsung Pay and Google named their service Android Pay. There is a clear attempt to piggyback off the brand prestige of Apple Pay. They want consumers to think that Google Pay and Samsung Pay are the same thing as Apple Pay. So tell me, is XXXXX Pay the only way to brand an...
Yes. By this account, it would appear the Nokia phone evidences positional but not the curvature continuity of iPhone 6/6+.
I'm in the same situation. It seems Apple needs to allocate the resources to make migrating from Dropbox easier. Having said that, Dropbox just works for me. That includes on iOS-Dropbox camera upload is super easy to use and I can see everything better with Carousel.
The Nokia wasn't a constant radius either-no radii on the top and bottom edges.
The original iPhone from 2007 had rounded edges, does that mean Nokia copied it?
Jony Ive is Design chief and likely has little to say about base model hardware configs, especially not strategy capacities.
New Posts  All Forums: