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iTunes is a major service of Apple's. After years of, arguably, being a break-even "business", it is become an increasingly profitable revenue stream. Horace Dediu has a nice run-down on this over a series of articles. Here's his most recent-impressive revenue numbers: http://www.asymco.com/2013/08/05/itunes-update/
  Uhhh...maybe I'll give it another try once I replace the dying Airport Express I picked up in 2006 
Yeah, that one...the one that didn't work 
Good to know. My problem is that there is way too much lag in the Remote app. The physical remote is much more responsive. I use my iOS device too, just not via the Remote app. I just hit the Airplay icon instead of firing up the Remote app to initiate Airplay from within the apps on my Mac and iOS devices to stream music, video, and the web, and to control iTunes radio. I use the "gumstick" remote for Apple TV apps.
Has that app been well-received? That's news to me. The fact that I prefer the "gumstick" remote over it says a lot about what I think of it and I use my Apple TV everyday. I really hope they're working on a massive UI and remote control overhaul.
Doesn't matter. Google can't market and ship their own hardware at scale. 
Apple may see wearables as they see the Apple TV-an important, though not crucial, part of the ecosystem. I might be wrong, but I think cumulative sales of Apple TV are at ~13 million. If Apple sells at least as many "iWatches" as Apple TVs at twice the cost or more ($200-$250) they might be happy. An Apple smartwatch might take off, but Tim would be happy with an accessory that increases ecosystem stickiness and adds value to high revenue grossing products (i.e., iTunes,...
Good for him and Tesla. He seems genuinely passionate about cars and to be a remarkably talented guy. My only question is, "How deep is Apple's hardware engineering bench?"
You went from projecting 700Bn to projecting 800Bn in cash and marketable securities over ten years. I hope that's not how you balance your household budget. Also, yours is an "ideal" projection-like my taking out a 10 year second mortgage for 33% of the value of my home because I anticipate ten years of additional paychecks down the line. What happens if I get laid-off or if the economy collapses? That's the problem with arguments such as yours and which led directly to...
New Posts  All Forums: