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Is that Gruber on stage on the left?
You're correct. Using my logic that would be the case and increasingly IS the case. Many more iOS users can and are using iPhones for general purpose computing. Professors complain all the time about students who bang out term papers on their iPhones. The 6 Plus is powerful enough (and has a large enough screen) to be used in place of a notebook or tablet computer for many others. BTW, I hear Watch is having yield issues. Can you CNC me one in your Tony Stark lab? Watch...
Point taken...and to think I took him off my block list just to do that.
Exactly...I thought the SSD upgrade was closer to $1200, pushing that configuration to close to $3,200.
The fact is, many people have extremely overpowered rMBPs that overserve their needs; they'll never use that power on an ECON 101 paper or an iMessage to Granny.
As noted above, the MBA was Jobs' baby. This new MB ships with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD standard. That is 4X the RAM and 4X the SSD storage of the original 2008 MBA (with a Retina screen!) at almost a third of the price. This is clearly in line with Jobs' prior product development strategy.
The world is increasingly busier, more crowded, more urban, and more mobile. Fewer people are plunking down heavy laptops in the front seats of their sedan. They are on subways, buses, trains, or trams, bicycles, scooters or motorcycles, and even walking. They're going across town to grab a bite to eat and have a glass of wine or beer with friends before heading home at 8, 9, or 10pm. Apple knows this; so thinner and lighter are as important for many people than power. It...
What you are describing as "esthetics", others, such as myself see as mobility. Disregard the gold color option, the thin-and-lightness has very real practical value to very many users that has nothing to do with esthetics. Very many people made huge trade-offs buying into iPad not because of OS simplicity or esthetics, but for far, far better mobility. 
This MacBook's thinness is not just "for looks", nor should the weight reduction be seen as trivial. I currently have 2011 13" MBA that is still humming along, especially after I upgraded the SSD to a 256 Transcend Jet Drive, however my bag is heavy. I'm schlepping a briefcase full of documents and a notebook computer around on subways, crowded streets and in and out of taxis six days a week.   The dramatic difference in thinness and shaving about a pound of weight is...
Vinyl sales are not at an "all time high". They are higher now than the '90s and '00s, but not nearly as high as the '60s and '70s.
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