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Imagine that. A bullshit rumor.
Great. Just what the average family needs at a restaurant.. A device for the kids to get more entrenched in instead of talking to each other. I refuse to let let my kids take there iphones or ipods into the restaurant for this exact reason. That wing sauce will look really awesome on these. The time they are going to spend cleaning these things is going to be high.
That is a 60 hour work week on a hourly wage. You can't compare a salary position to hourly. Some of you guys are so blinded by your love for Apple it is amusing. Yes, FC makes products for many other companies. Those other companies are not making the demands upon FC as Apple does. This is the jest of the entire problem!
Some of you guys are missing the whole point of the problem. Go read more than just one story if you want to comment on how correct this problem is. The New York Times would be a good start. Would you allow you son or daughter to work in these conditions? Apple and FC agreed to install nets on the outside of the buildings to stop the suicide drops! The main problem or complaint is that Apple puts a huge demand of FC to produce a certain # of devices a day and they demand...
All I can say is that if Apple came out with such a device it would be awesome, lines around the building when released. If it's not an Apple product most of you guys around here just think it's a POS. I enjoy Apple products myself, but I'm not blind to other products like these people. You guys gotta remember one thing. Competition is a very good thing.
Thanks guys for all the suggestions and help. I was not un checking the box that asks to start up previous applications. So I guess I was shutting down and not just resuming. At least I clicked on shut down??? I have never quite understood the whole troll thing. Why would someone that dislikes a certain company or product waste there time to come onto a board and spread there hate? Have they really got nothing better to do in life but spread the hate??? Get a life or a...
I finally broke down and purchased a MacPro yesterday. I will say that I am enjoying it so far, but I am really hoping I can get to some features pretty easy. For starters, this morning when I booted it up I had like 4 or 5 programs open up in a window. My dock has 7 programs running, as the little white dot is glowing below them. Why are these programs not closing when I shut it down completely? How do I close them besides hitting the red X as I did? If anybody...
I believe this is what happens when you run a very low volume of hardware compared to the "jokers" out there.
Some of you guys are so blind by your love of the fruit. Take your qoute and ask youself the same thing about the Samsung. When someone purchased the Galaxy last year were they told it would get ICS? NO! But here you are turning the table and screaming about how bad Android and Samsung are. I believe Samsung simply has the BALLS to do what every other manufacture would like to do. I firmly believe Apple would have liked to NOT update the 3Gs VS putting the money and...
Considering that Apple products cost a considerable amount more than any other platforms it is a no brainer that Apple's figures are higher!
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