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Thank you for explaining this. I feel I need to do this, as my battery has been much worse since I updated. I was always amazed at how little the battery would be depleted. Now I can actually watch the % go down as I use it. The only thing I don't seem to understand is my Phone contacts. Where will I pull the contacts from after I restore? My contacts that are in my Outlook are different than what's in my phone. Sorry for being the newbie here to this.
His death was a tragedy and very sad for him to go so early, I will admit that. Don't you kind of find it odd that he started his brilliant career at such a young age and that he would go out at such a young age? I believe the book was already written a long time ago. I do think that we should be expressing our warm hearts to other people who have passed so unfairly as well. What about the father who worked 3 jobs to keep the family fed and clothed? The sacrifices that...
The one's I know that bought online from Verizon got there's today. At&t blows...
It's a Verizon IP4. I am going to fully charge it, reset the timer and see what it does for sure. I just know there is a difference for sure. It has to use more of the battery since there are more internal programs running now. Unless they changed or improved the battery usage in iOS5.
This amazes me beyond belief. You gotta be kidding me about being upset because you are not getting your instant gratification in life.Apple stated a date that it's consumers would get the iPhone. What do you mean by the iPhone is coming 4 months late? Where did APPLE state the previous date you are speaking of? Or, do you mean the rumored date? I really don't think that anything you purchase is going to satisfy you. How many times a day do you hit the refresh button...
Has anybody else noticed that the battery goes down MUCH faster after updating the iOS? I am averaging about 5% battery life, while phone is locked, in a 10 minute period. I used to be able to use the phone almost till bedtime on a charge, or the battery would simply stay on a percentage if I just let it sit with nothing running. Now, no way at all. Mark my words, people are going to start raising cain about this.
New Posts  All Forums: