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  Seriously? It's not "free"...it's subsidized through higher plan pricing. The rest of the world (yes, I'm in the U.S.) might disagree that because they purchase(d) their iPhone unsubsidized that they are not 'Apple's normal customer base.'   Take a look at this WSJ article:   http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204653604577247471036145902.html   I pay full price for my phones and I use them on any carrier I choose and sell them anytime I want. I want a 2 year...
  BMW's target sales numbers may not relate to Hyundai, but it would be naive to think that BMW group is not actively seeking to increase the number of units sold. In fact they are aiming to be the #1 luxury nameplate in the U.S., seeking to increase unit sales by 25%.   From a company press release:   "The BMW Group will continue to focus on the premium segment. "Premium is and remains our business model and the basis for the BMW Group's future success. In terms of...
They don't "solely" care about market share. But there is much more to that statement. There is money to be made off of their ecosystem. Every Android phone sold contributes nothing directly to that end. A really, really cheap iPhone? Probably not. But a lower priced model to get more Apple products into the hands of consumers...sure.
Yes, yes, yes. But...Intel is the only supplier of controllers, which is fine, because they own the tech.   (I'm really not involved in any feeling either way - I just did a little research to find out about Thunderbolt licenses. I don't care if the price is high or low or zero.)
"Intel is the sole owner of the Thunderbolt spec. Building Thunderbolt devices requires a license to use the spec but no royalties need to be paid to Intel. Intel is also the only supplier of Thunderbolt controllers. Without Intel's permission, no other company can make a Thunderbolt controller."   http://www.anandtech.com/show/5425/why-thunderbolt-wont-come-to-the-iphone-anytime-soon     There are quite a few Thunderbolt products...
Patent:   The ornamental design for a display screen or portion thereof with icon.
The icon is patented.   http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/11/27/apple-patents-siri-microphone-icon  
  Yes. And...? Her images are copyrighted in the United States - Copyright Registration # VA0001827874. Commercial fashion photographers are generally not in the business of freely releasing their works so that people can build upon them or freely distribute them.   You can license some of her works here: http://il.factory311.com/   The advertising/creative agency and Apple made a mistake. She sued. They settled.
"if it was used it in a way that allowed free use."   They used it for commercial purposes. Fair use isn't even appropriate for discussion. The only discussion would be what the licensing terms allowed or did not allow.  
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