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  I have no idea what the above means.
  Virgin Mobile. $35 per month, unlimited text, voice, 4G.
  That's silly. Hyundai has the industry's best warranty. 5 years/ 60,000 miles as well as a LIFETIME (for the original owner) battery replacement on their hybrids. Far and away one of the best values riding down the road.   See: https://www.hyundaiusa.com/assurance/america-best-warranty.aspx  and compare it to the warranty on the car you own.
Awesome! Technology marches on:   2005 : $69 DVD player + $0.50 burned CD with jpegs on it played pictures on everyone's TVs   2013 : $500 tablet, $99 Apple TV, $99 Airport Extreme  =  plays pictures on TV   Why didn't you just burn an ISO 9660 CD/DVD with jpegs in a folder. Most any dvd player would/could play a slideshow of the files.
  Have you ever been to "The Container Store" which sells containers? I have.   But, yes, "Generic Terms—words that are the accepted and recognized description of a class of goods or services (e.g., computer software, facial tissue)"*  are not able to be trademarked.   *International Trademark Association
  It was a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.   318 cubic feet of cargo volume   iPad box = 8"x10"x2" = 160 cubic inches / 3456 = 0.463 cubic feet   318 / 0.463 = 686 ipad boxes   686 iPads do not equal $1.3 million USD   The thieves must have taken a large amount of iPhones IMO.
Back bacon or Peameal bacon?
Michigan ranks fourth in the U.S. in high tech employment with 568,000 high tech workers, which includes 70,000 in the automotive industry.
"We bypassed your privacy settings to help you, Joe Consumer, have a better internet experience. All for you. We promise."  
It may very well be legal in Korea, but here (in the United States):   Section 802 underscores the importance of record retention and destruction policies that affect all of a company’s e-mail, e-mail attachments, and documents retained on computers – e-data – as well as hard copies of all company records.   The rules state that if you know your company is under investigation, or even suspect that it might be, all document destruction and alteration must...
New Posts  All Forums: