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Yes, I know what this dispute was about (method of displaying/navigating the photo gallery and the actions thereof). I guess I mistook the issues with the 2.3.6 update disabling pinch to zoom for Nexus One phones as not a bug, but a planned event. Google (or Bing if you like): 2.3.6 pinch to zoom. Apparently it was a bug.
As I recall, in the Samsung lawsuit last year the judge found that 3.0 Honeycomb was not infringing. (2.3 was) Now...which phones run 3.0 or 4.0? Not which phones technically could run 3 or 4...which ones on which carriers actually are running official releases?edit: Android 2.3.6: the Pinch & Zoom feature is gone from the Gallery, but that feature was a precursor to the patent above
If it's the same one that they used against Samsung, I think it's this: The (U.S. version of the) patent application is 58 pages long. You can see it here: http://www.google.com/patents/US20080052945
As they were just announced in December, I don't believe that those questions can be answered yet (at least not by me). I understand that you are concerned with Price per GB, speed, and longevity. When Apple releases a 128GB iPad (next Tuesday, perhaps?), rest assured that it will have been acquired at a very competitive price per GB, it will be as fast and will last as long.I chose that picture and chip because of size. It's very small (a good thing). 16GB iPad? TOO...
"Intel and Micron made a multicell 128GB NAND flash memory chip of the type that goes as internal memory in your smartphone and tablet or into microSD memory cards. This is achieved by stacking eight 16GB memory chips densely, and the 128GB memory module will be available in January, with mass production slated for the summer of 2012, meaning we can see mobile devices with this insane storage amount at some point after that." PhoneArena.com It's made using 20nm process.
Good. Just release a much better box and let's forget about the TV itself. Really.
No. See: Last time.
I hear that Safari is snappier on the new model.
Everyone I know that has a 4G phone either has poor battery life or turns off that functionality most of the time. I would characterize their phones as "Damn! That's a huge screen! How do you use it as a phone?"
Iran and Iraq both have patent/copyright/trademark laws. They are both members of the WIPO.
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