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My problem with moving to a fully trusted application environment has to do with the certificates. I expect certificates to be forged, faked, corrupt or expired. If the ("average") user places all their trust in 'the Mac knows if it's good'...that could be (dare I say?) a "slippery slope." I don't really have a problem with the $99 fee. Whatever. If one develops applications and wants to give it away, fine. $99/year won't stop them.
You can certainly make an application that will run in OS X with other development tools besides Xcode. MonoMac Gtk# Windows.Forms MonObjc CocoaSharp There are others, of course. Xcode has many advantages, though.
What's the acronym for the opposite of FUD?
I bought the first iPod in November 2001 for $399 which is almost $500 in 2012 dollars. $579 doesn't sound like very much for the capabilities of an iPad.
I would expect 128GB to be offered in the high end model based on several manufacturing reprts last year.http://www.pcworld.com/businesscente...gb_tablet.htmlhttp://betanews.com/2011/05/31/sandi...tablet-module/
As to raising the price on the iPad: 1. When the iPad came out (1st Gen), I purchased the most expensive model. 16GB/no 3g seemed pretty lame to me. 2. iPad 2 came out, I skipped it. Camera? Meh. Faster, thinner, lighter? Sure, but it's just a tablet I use to surf the internet when I'm on the couch. 3. iPad 3? It's several years later, I wouldn't be surprised to see a price increase for additional technology. If it truly is better, then I would pay a slight...
I don't read anything funny in that statement.Is that funny?Is that funny? (Is this where I'm supposed to insert the "smokey" smiley? - I have such a hard time expressing myself with mere written English.)
This forum would be better without the stupid f'in animated smileys.
Seriously? Hey France! You're welcome.
Let me guess...you're Canadian? So that means that you: 1. Live within 100 miles of the United States 2. You make and drive "American" cars 3. You have wonderful access to all of our chain restaurants 4. You watch our TV programs and movies This is meant to be taken as a joke. The point is: it's fine to criticize the past from today's perspective. Choices were made by governments. Good choices, bad choices, but the world (I think) is better from our (American) involvement....
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