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Google stock holders must feel the pain. The price didn't go up a lot today!
Exactly. $22M is a pocket change for google. This is not going to stop them or anybody else from doing the same thing again.
I hate samsung.
Corrupt Russia doesn't even have an Apple store.
Samsung is just trying to discourage people from buying an iPad now with these useless rumors. Maybe they hope to catch up with Apple...
I think I will just buy a Clear Internet device for my new iPad. It's 4G, it's unlimited and it's exactly $50 a month. I already have one at home and I love it!
Invest a cost of wifi only 16GB version in the Apple stock right now and get back a 3G and Wifi 64GB next week when you sell.
Buy American. I am.
Can't wait. I have my Apple gift cards ready!
I really hope so.
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