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Last week google sent me several emails, saying that my account was accessed illegally, but the only evidence they seemed to use was the access came from a location not near me. They cited the DNS number and that number was associated with another city. But when I looked at the list of locations, I realised that they had only identified the nearest ISP that served the request. So one was 50 miles away, some were much closer and one just happened to be 200 miles away. It...
Then Samsung will just have to bring out an even bigger phone, Oh wait, they have, it's called the Note and it's a massive success, not.
Frequent Locations data, I'd be interested to see a user reset their iPhone and then restore from a backup. I wonder if all that frequent location data is lost and finding your way around takes longer.
 The problem is that to get to the 'High Street' means I have to use my car. So for me I always try to weigh the total impact of my purchases. Pollution, congestion all factor in on the equation. I've been many times to the USA and California, especially. I despaired that to buy the simplest item meant a drive in the car, because the mall was too far to walk to. At least in the UK, most cities have a compact centre, making shopping locally much easier for the city...
Much as I like Amazon and do use them for many purchases. I don't agree with the wholesale destruction of businesses up and down the High Street. I know capitalism is all about this type of growth/destruction, but for just one company to have so much power and a growing power over the suppliers will only end in tears...for the consumer.
on what planet is an iPod a better e-reader than the kindle?
You know that is an intriguing idea, the wrap-around display could be segmented to show many different metrics and the user simply rotates band to see what they want. Patent this.
The thing is that all these big companies pay their VAT bills to the country of sale, so VAT is not being avoided. VAT is a far larger tax component than corporation tax, which is what is being investigated. An individual can lessen their personal tax bill in many ways and many people do just this. Corporations are no different, except for their size and their spread across many countries. The rules are more complex and some countries offer more favourable tax regimes. So...
I will agree it's not as seemless within the OS. I suppose it's more directed at the consumer not the professional. I use both Wuala and GD. I distribute large video files to some 30 countries. I have a folder of files ready to send out, drop them on Wuala or GD, set the distribution links and wait for the upload to complete. I couldn't think of anything less complex.
Not for me, why not just go head to head with say Google Drive. I get 100GB for 99c per month. Cloud is cloud, I don't see apple really providing any better or worse experience than the rest, so why make it more expensive?
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