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I don't know the timeline for new campus completion, but maybe this increase has something to do with that. New office, new kit....
Exactly my thoughts. If my extensive movie library is not available to watch, because the studios 'told' Apple, no local content allowed, I will stick with my ATV2 or buy something different. I didn't see any reference to a computer app on the presentation. 
When TG were at the Beeb, they could get away with so much, simply because the main audience is UK and we have fairly broad minds. But Netflix has this worldwide audience to satisfy, so TG will be so watered down to make it as inoffensive as possible to Netflix fans. Just watch a few eps of the Beeb TG, lots of 'in' jokes most Brits are guaranteed to get, because they know who is watching. Not gonna happen once an international producer is paying the costs. Mark my words.
More connected data, instead of telling me to go find another app....Like the poster who replied as well as you, in London, I can use GM for roads, transit, and walking. But its the transit feature I like most. Here in Somerset, GM will tell me when the next bus is as well. If HERE offered this and maybe more, then I'd say money well spent. But in how many years has Maps been going? has this connected data ben a strong feature. Have to say I don't know about the USA. Plus...
TBH, I don't think the Maps usage warrant this purchase. I don't go near Maps because it is nowhere as near a complete service in the UK when compared to GM. Maybe Apple knows it's service is not popular.
If they don't buy it, "not invented here" is still alive and kicking at Cupertino....however, if they do buy it, then that could be a sign TC has made long lasting changes to the Apple culture.
"Pros are living in the past with Apple." Then you see a company like blackmagic, going absolute gang busters on every front. It kinda makes me realise that for the pros apple is becoming more and more irrelevant. I haven't used resolve 12, but if it's as good as premiere, who'd not want a software that took you from edit to finished graded product in one go.?
Everyone should do some searching on this whole area with Ericsson. In just a couple of clicks I came up with articles stating that a number of major phone vendors signed cross patent agreements for LTE patents in 2014. Just the Samsung agreement added a potential $500m to the profits of Ericsson. So before we all jump and down in disgust with Ericsson, perhaps, just perhaps they have a pretty legit case. We all love Apple, but here it looks like they are behaving like a...
Just what's wrong with Google search? I don't get so many ads and I find their search algos work for me. So what if they scrape my data and use that to ad me.
I'd like to know just how "green" is PV in California, taking into account whole life costs and manufacturing impact. In the UK, it's now considered not a very green deal to have PV panels installed and Gov subsidies is the only way it breaks a profit. It looks good and it makes great PR for Apple, but is PV really green compared to other technologies?
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