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"Pros are living in the past with Apple." Then you see a company like blackmagic, going absolute gang busters on every front. It kinda makes me realise that for the pros apple is becoming more and more irrelevant. I haven't used resolve 12, but if it's as good as premiere, who'd not want a software that took you from edit to finished graded product in one go.?
Everyone should do some searching on this whole area with Ericsson. In just a couple of clicks I came up with articles stating that a number of major phone vendors signed cross patent agreements for LTE patents in 2014. Just the Samsung agreement added a potential $500m to the profits of Ericsson. So before we all jump and down in disgust with Ericsson, perhaps, just perhaps they have a pretty legit case. We all love Apple, but here it looks like they are behaving like a...
Just what's wrong with Google search? I don't get so many ads and I find their search algos work for me. So what if they scrape my data and use that to ad me.
I'd like to know just how "green" is PV in California, taking into account whole life costs and manufacturing impact. In the UK, it's now considered not a very green deal to have PV panels installed and Gov subsidies is the only way it breaks a profit. It looks good and it makes great PR for Apple, but is PV really green compared to other technologies?
At several hundred $$ for one watch, who is going to be changing their Apple watch every year or two or three years? I have a nice Oris, cost me about the same as a mid range iWatch, but I've had it since 2003 and have no desire to change it anytime soon. I can see how Swatch became popular, because their watches start at a low price, so one customer can buy several. I'm sorry, but I feel the smart watch is something looking for a market and that market will become rapidly...
I just don't get it with Apple sometimes, simply billions in the bank and every R&D $$ spent has to be scrutinised, or so it seems. Or too look at it another way, spend millions finessing the screws on a phone or something, but spend a whole lot less giving a few professionals a proper tool to work with is like pulling teeth.
I need cores for Compressor work. So I am actively looking at a refurb MP to give me some more oomph. It's a shame that Apple cannot see a way to provide for more customers needs apart from up-selling into a whole another price category.
I believe the point here is in in 1991, when Apple made their first agreement with Ireland, Apple's revenues were fairly minor, so any savings were commensurately minor. However, Apple's revenues are now huge and the whole tax business is becoming an embarrassment. As they say "an embarrassment of riches". Clearly, back in 2007, Apple realised their revenues and by default their tax savings, were growing almost exponentially...hence the second agreement or understanding,...
I don't get this at all, I mean how do you actually smuggle in iPhone/s to China? In a suitcase? I mean isn't a suitcase of Twinkies gonna attract some attention? Are they smuggled in one by one? The cost of the air fare must be factored in as well.  My guess is that China has a bunch of corrupt Customs officials and this is just another aspect of Chinese organised crime. 
Last week google sent me several emails, saying that my account was accessed illegally, but the only evidence they seemed to use was the access came from a location not near me. They cited the DNS number and that number was associated with another city. But when I looked at the list of locations, I realised that they had only identified the nearest ISP that served the request. So one was 50 miles away, some were much closer and one just happened to be 200 miles away. It...
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