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still too expensive.
Pleeeze Jony SMILE for god's sake.....is working at Apple that depressing/boring?
If you ask me the problem with Apple and new products is not that Apple couldn't do a big phone or the ATV store or a souped up MacMini or a huge iPad or any of the product rumours you hear around the web. It's that Apple seems able to only focus on one thing at a time. This could be because Jony Ive is the gatekeeper on all new stuff. He's only one guy and that makes it difficult to have many new projects on the boil at one time.
I've been thinking along similar lines but in the other direction, what if the nMP was a test of the waters and that somewhere down the road Apple produce different sized nMPs with say dual CPU's, more RAM slots, extra SSD.
there I was just minding my own business, blowing snow of the hard streets of Manhattan, when BOOM, a frozen cat go scooped up by my blower....now I gotta fill out umpteen reports to umpteen departments, sheesh can a humble city worker never get a break?
"The thickness on these circuit boards harkens back to a time before personal computing. Very thick and durable." They are thicker because they are multilayer boards.
Sorry Apple. Give me a souped up MacMini, consumer CPU and consumer GPU, don't want a screen. I'll be very happy to plonk my money on the table.
YO! "Angela's goes live via satellite link to Apple store employees, Burberrys all round this XMAS"......you heard it here first.
all this BS has come about since Steve passed away, so my take on this is that SJ would probably get at least one call a week from some Wall St bigwig, he told his secretary.....don't patch through any of these calls. So SJ got a reputation on Wall St as being totally unapproachable (even if Oppenheimer wanted to talk to Wall St, SJ being the boss just got his way). I look at Tim Cook and I just don't see someone with that '****-you' attitude SJ had, Wall St knows this...
when this comes out I will go in my local Apple store and try to run the system at full throttle. I will be very curious to hear that fan then.
New Posts  All Forums: