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Amazing. This is just embarrassing.
I play fast and loose with my installs so it'll be an upgrade. Been doing it like that since 10.1. It just works.
This is the kind of off the rocker comment that amuses me to no end.
Android is not well adapted to the enterprise. Exchange Mail support stinks and there is little control tools available. Apple is surprising me with these enterprise friendly tools. Hope they transition some of these over to the Mac side. I would love some reliable AD binding, SSO, and Group policy integration.
I would wait. So little about the MP is known and over the next few months new accessories will pop up inevitably. Apple has yet to show off their new input devices and displays. I'm sure they're not going to sell the Mac Pros with oddly mismatched inputs devices like the silver and white keyboard and mouse out now, not to mention a TB display not catered to laptops like the current one.
Have you considered the Drobo 5D? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/876457-REG/Drobo_DRDR5A21_Drobo_5D.html My advice is... Wait. They just showed off the MacPro with thunderbolt. By fall there will be several solutions available. The market will demand it.
Looks like sanity prevailed and the tensions between Apple & Samsung have cooled. Not a bad thing. Look at Apple and Microsoft and compare their current relationship to that of 10-20 years ago.
It's unsurprising that in order to reduce costs Asus was forced to cut corners and put sub-optimal hardware in the Nexus 7. But if you consider the original price of $200 and that it lasted 1 year, consider it a tablet that you rented for $17 a month.   The real shame is that it's not even worthy of handing down to your kids or a friend.
Long time no see, y'all. i just came by to collect gallons of all your delicious, delicious salty conservative tears. Conservative tears make the best brine for my special pickles. Oh look, I'm full already!   Tootles!
Promise Vratk x30 series. http://store.apple.com/us/product/HA261LL/A/promise-vtrak-x30-series-72tb-24-by-3tb-sas-4u-raid-subsystem   My questions are:   Who is this for? Video applications that will attach to workstations? They mention servers:     What servers would this attach to? Mac Pros?   And why doesn't this have Thunderbolt ports?   Wondering if Apple has something up their sleeves with regards to server hardware.
New Posts  All Forums: