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You're 9 years too late. OP said he needed an answer fast.
Out of all the supposed features for the new iPhone 5 coming out, I find a slide out keyboard the hardest to swallow. Am Ithe only one?
Wake me when they bring back the Chooser, Sherlock, and At Ease!
The makers of Growl can't be too happy.
Very interesting. Looks like the mini DP will have connectors for optical connections? How about power? I have a feeling that this isn't LightPeak but some sort of docking technology that carries video, USB, network, FireWire, audio, you name it. Of course we'll know soon enough.
The iPod cable (30pin) supplies power, data, analog audio, video, and more (for 3rd party peripherals).
Have to agree here. Long term we are going to be phasing out our final cut workstations and going back to ( bleh) Avid and NetApp for new storage to replace Xsan. Even Adobe Premeir is an option at this point.
Thankfully we just upgraded our Xserves running our DAM late last year but I do feel sorry for people scrambling for a replacement solution for their setups.
Are we about to witness Verizon drop Android like a hot potato? I'm sure they're sick of all those BOGO deals.
Hope he recovers sooner rather than later. I'm sure this isn't the privacy he had asked for in his letter.
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