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  You couldn't say it any better.
  Agreed. Non Apple-gadget consumers are simply unintelligent idiots. Sounds a bit heavy but that's the way it is. Luckily there's only 2% of them.   Well, actually 90+% of them.
I don't have an Android phone. I have no idea what Android users think about it.
it really doesn't matter. iPhone is a fashion gadget so functionality is more or less "whatever". Now, this so called Scuffgate is perhaps another thing. China slaves did it on purpose to my iPhone?
I think the number will be much higher. At least 2/3 of the US population will have one ( support us economy ) + china + japan + europe + 3rd world countries. So, 500+ millions at least. In fact even now almost everybody around me has it, It's starting to get a bit boring actually.
  Congratulations to everybody !!
I know you know it already but anyway.  
Can't wait for the 5s one!
Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything? Anything? Anyone?   A friendly reminder: Integrating things =/= Inventing
  Hahaha how bizzare, usa the land of the desperate. So at the end apple vs the rest of the world sue cases at u.s. courts is a corporate nationalism. That's why we win ;).
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