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  Agreed. Non Apple-gadget consumers are simply unintelligent idiots. Sounds a bit heavy but that's the way it is. Luckily there's only 2% of them.   Well, actually 90+% of them.
I don't have an Android phone. I have no idea what Android users think about it.
it really doesn't matter. iPhone is a fashion gadget so functionality is more or less "whatever". Now, this so called Scuffgate is perhaps another thing. China slaves did it on purpose to my iPhone?
I think the number will be much higher. At least 2/3 of the US population will have one ( support us economy ) + china + japan + europe + 3rd world countries. So, 500+ millions at least. In fact even now almost everybody around me has it, It's starting to get a bit boring actually.
  Congratulations to everybody !!
I know you know it already but anyway.  
Can't wait for the 5s one!
Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything? Anything? Anyone?   A friendly reminder: Integrating things =/= Inventing
  Hahaha how bizzare, usa the land of the desperate. So at the end apple vs the rest of the world sue cases at u.s. courts is a corporate nationalism. That's why we win ;).
Too much, play for cash Too much, put up or shut up Too much is not enough Oh, no! Bruno! Too much is not enough Too much, hit the night clubs Too much, drink champagne Too much, double bull's eye Too much, do that again Too much, stay out all night Too much, but that's alright   NoMeansNo
New Posts  All Forums: