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It wasn't a comeback. Anyway I was only enlightened to this thread's resurrection because someone else posted in it. It was also a wee bit longer than 14 months. I reckon that's close to absolute zero.
No, read my sig again, it means something quite different.
Holy thread resurrection batman!
It's so true, blame the Labour party and the idiots that vote for them.
Yes of course. Ever known people to use the 'racism card'? It happens all the time, because this is such a 'hot topic', let it go, it's boring already.
Racist? You ever question the motive behind words or do you just take everything at face value? It was not racist.
That I do, everywhere outside London is merely an ecosystem to allow London's continued survival, even though London subsidizes the rest of the country. But yes, not complaining about the recent Eastern European immigration. The government must have realised Ali G's great immigration policy - "fit vs "butterz"
I'm sure that's classified as a fetish, not standards. Being at uni, there are a lot of hotties, so whatever.
Very, actually. I haven't seen girls as ugly as that link ever, quite shocked.
No, I have high standards.
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