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Hi all: I ran into following problem while running a perl script. Here is error I am aware that it is requiring certain Http Module. I use to resolve this issue in Ubuntu using package manager but in Mac I have no idea how to ? I am usingOSX 10.7XcodeMacport
I managed to do a bootcamp with Windows 8 DP with Lion. Now problem is my Lion partition shows only about 1 GB of free spaces. I tried to delete files, erase spaces, verfigy disk but still the disk utility doesn't show addition free space. However I have 56 GB free space in my windows partitions. These I am not able to install any additional app on Mac Partition due to this 1 GB free space problem. Could you please suggest me any solution to free up spaces in Mac...
No there was not any . I removed the whole app thing. both from dock and finder I could not see it. Hence I had to reinstall the OSX. Now I got it back by reinstalling. Thanks to all!
Yes I have deleted it. infact I deleted the whole /Users/myname/Desktop folder due to which i lost my terminal. There no in trash as well.
HI I am new to Apple. I got my Macbook pro yesterday. I draged my terminal from Application>Utilities to Desktop. To my stupidity I deleted the terminal. Now I cannot find the terminal. How do I restore/reinstall the Terminal here. Thanks in advance.
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