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For those who don't like it... Don't listen to it!   Big hairy-assed deal!   Jeez, you can't even give stuff away without people whinging...
I've seen some click-bait articles in my time, but this one takes the biscuit.    I can speed read, but this is still 30 seconds of my life that I'm not getting back.   Shame on you, DED.
Given Apple and IBM's relative valuations, I wonder how long before they start to consider either a takeover of IBM or a merger once they've got their heads round Enterprise products and marketing?
 I'd pay good money to see that! Seriously though, as for Tim, it's up to him whether he wants to invite the world into his personal relationships or keep them to himself. It doesn't matter to me at all but then again, I do exactly the same thing - my professional life isn't influenced by my personal life and hence it's of no relevance to anyone whether I'm gay, straight, carnivore, fruitarian, or any other of a myriad ways in which a person may be individually...
 I have mixed heritage of both. Also, you appear to have failed to notice the humour inherent in my post. I even ended it with an emoticon just so you'd know. Also I even managed to qualify the joke with a 'sometimes'. But then you seem to be revelling in the opportunity to take offence and you clearly don't understand the rivalries between Irish and English culture, sometimes friendly, sometimes not, depending on which people you talk to. But I'll save the history lesson,...
 Bono is Irish. Be careful about calling an Irish person British. It can sometimes backfire spectacularly... sometimes onto your nose :p
 If the device has its own wifi hotspot, it would be trivial to build a web app that was served directly to the connected smartphone to provide the controls rather than having to put an app into various app stores. This would completely bypass any app store restrictions.
 Well it's going to have some bezel... if only to stop the liquid crystal from leaking out...
Bending to 2mm?   iBook anyone?
 My brain automatically replaced the word 'fat' with something somewhat ruder... I'm not sure that's going to sit well with Apple's customers - it's a bit insulting.
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