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I have to say that I don't think that photo does the watch any favours at all. It looks like something put together by a first year art student trying to be 'edgy', and I'm pretty sure that's not what Apple is aiming at.   It's a good job I already want the watch. If I was still in the process of making up my mind, that photo could actively dissuade me on the grounds that anyone wearing it might be thought of as being a 'pseud'.
This all seems like speculation feeding off other speculation.
I'm thinking a glass walled 'booth' on one wall, specially lit crystal cabinets of watches in various colours/strap combinations, a few open displayed demo watches and with a carpeted seating area - a mini jewellers essentially, perhaps with other personal accessories. The glass wall would keep the openness of the store but cut out a fair amount of noise.
 While I don't necessarily agree with other things that you have written, I thing that is a brilliant idea. I can imagine a whole world of indie-studios releasing entertainment that way. It would revolutionise drama and the creative arts. As an amateur film maker I'm crying out for this sort of thing.
I knew it was DED the moment I read the headline. ;)
I bought a 64GB iPad 3 (the first one with the retina display) shortly after it came out. I simply don't see enough of a reason to ditch it for a newer model just yet (unlike the fairly quick upgrade from the original iPad 1 to the '3, which did offer noticeable benefits).   Unlike the iPhone, which is certainly worthwhile upgrading every second generation (and, from the 5S to the 6, in just one generation also), the iPad doesn't seem to be improving that...
 Someone at Apple might benefit from a basic anatomy refresher! (The old centered logo was much closer!)
 You're deliberately frying your laptop and you expect it to work flawlessly?
The point is, it is now not possible to use the app without accepting the 'free trial'. AI has ads from which it obtains money from the web version. Why not have the app version ad supported too? Oodles of apps follow that model and I'll never ever complain about it. But forcing a user into a 'free trial' of something is not, as we say in England, cricket. It should be optional. The pop-over, at the very worse, should appear every time the app opens, but be dismissable if...
Because that's exactly what I don't want to be forced to do in order to not have the 'free trial' of something I don't want! How much clearer can I be?!
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