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Got bitten by this very bug this morning. Updated my spare iPhone that normally lives on my bedside table and functions as my alarm clock - only I set it to update overnight. Lo and behold, massive sleep in this morning! Oops. (Working from home ameliorated any problems, thankfully, but I can see how others might get caught out)   I can see why it did it though - the phone was in "Hello I'm a new phone" mode, so presumably hadn't got as far as thinking about alarms. I'm...
Oh that's simple... while you're in the Camera app, the screen is constantly showing you a live image of what the camera sees... that's data that already has to be processed to turn it into pixels on the screen. The Live image is simply a rolling buffer in volatile memory. A similar concept is used on TV to allow them to have a 6 second delay on broadcast to insert a bleep if someone uttered a swearword. 
I can confirm that my cards have been registered. Just need to find a place that supports contactless payment now!
She also say "Why don't you check a rumours blog? That's what I do". Classy!
  Typically RFC enabled credit cards have a low limit for simple swipes - that limit is usually more than any individual fare on the London Underground (or buses). I can't see why Apple Pay should have to work any differently. Besides, having used the Underground for many years, there are still plenty of people who get to the barriers and only then start fishing out their Oyster card from their coats, handbags, etc. I don't see the phone even with the necessity of a...
Wait? You spend your leisure hours shooting holes in the walls of your house?
That may be so, but since I certainly have - twice - needed to completely refresh a couple of iPhones due to problems with Springboard and battery life issues that stemmed from said problems, it must therefore be said that your statement can only be subjective.
I got my orders in 2 minutes after the pre-orders opened. Both (a stainless steel and a sport version) arrived this morning.   I'm happy - and I didn't have to go to Paris and stand in a line :)
UK iOS Store app came back to life at about 8.03am.    Two orders - one for me, one for someone special - successfully placed.   Now for the wait to see what the delivery date will be!
There is such a culture of anti-politics at the moment in the UK (where I abide) that I can see this being spun as MPs being given all sorts of undeserved toys and benefits. I predict that very little will be made of the apparent threefold financial savings that this initiative will be responsible for.
New Posts  All Forums: