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There is such a culture of anti-politics at the moment in the UK (where I abide) that I can see this being spun as MPs being given all sorts of undeserved toys and benefits. I predict that very little will be made of the apparent threefold financial savings that this initiative will be responsible for.
The thing about the Apple Watch for me (and, to a lesser extent, my Moto 360) is that it provides me with a target to meet and to better.   I like targets. It gives me something to focus on. I can compete with myself and, to the extent that it allows it, my Moto 360 helps. Sure, I can try to eat less and move about more, but I'm not quite so aspergic that I'm capable of counting all my steps throughout the day - that needs a bit of reliable tech. So much the better if...
People seem to say "they don't wear a watch" as though that were some sort of insurmountable barrier to buying an Apple Watch.   What Apple are clearly doing here is providing to these sorts of people some reasons why they may want to reconsider that decision - specifically in relation to fitness in this instance.   If you don't wear a watch now, you might in future wear a 'smart' one if you perceive enough benefit from the extra facilities, feedback and information...
Ouch! Apple should really not be falling prey to this sort of mis-step.
That Lenovo graphic is egregiously misleading.   A 0.3mm difference in thickness is 2.3% thinner (i.e. imperceptible). That appalling graphic makes it look like it's in excess of 33% thinner. Which it's not.   Also cough spyware cough...
Already available as of 6.57pm GMT - downloading now.
I have to say that I don't think that photo does the watch any favours at all. It looks like something put together by a first year art student trying to be 'edgy', and I'm pretty sure that's not what Apple is aiming at.   It's a good job I already want the watch. If I was still in the process of making up my mind, that photo could actively dissuade me on the grounds that anyone wearing it might be thought of as being a 'pseud'.
This all seems like speculation feeding off other speculation.
I'm thinking a glass walled 'booth' on one wall, specially lit crystal cabinets of watches in various colours/strap combinations, a few open displayed demo watches and with a carpeted seating area - a mini jewellers essentially, perhaps with other personal accessories. The glass wall would keep the openness of the store but cut out a fair amount of noise.
 While I don't necessarily agree with other things that you have written, I thing that is a brilliant idea. I can imagine a whole world of indie-studios releasing entertainment that way. It would revolutionise drama and the creative arts. As an amateur film maker I'm crying out for this sort of thing.
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