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 You're deliberately frying your laptop and you expect it to work flawlessly?
The point is, it is now not possible to use the app without accepting the 'free trial'. AI has ads from which it obtains money from the web version. Why not have the app version ad supported too? Oodles of apps follow that model and I'll never ever complain about it. But forcing a user into a 'free trial' of something is not, as we say in England, cricket. It should be optional. The pop-over, at the very worse, should appear every time the app opens, but be dismissable if...
Because that's exactly what I don't want to be forced to do in order to not have the 'free trial' of something I don't want! How much clearer can I be?!
Your point is somewhat opaque. Help me out here.
No. Why would I? 
I don't like the non-dismissable "start your free trail of Appleinsider Plus" pop-over. I don't want a free trial. Therefore I will no longer be using the app. Forcing people to do something that should be optional is not good UI design.
I guess they thought the free U2 album was enough for one year!
Many parts of the UK now have sufficient bandwidth to support 4K streaming - about 75% of the country has (or very shortly will have) broadband speeds in excess of 50Mbps: I live in a backwater market town of about 9000 people and I get about 65-70Mbps, which is easily enough for a 4K Netflix stream.   Backhaul will obviously be important, but at least on the face of it, there's a pretty good opportunity for 4K in this country.   Now if only 4K TVs weren't so...
Maybe Apple should buy Netflix?
Sorry... I prefer the old app, for the following reasons:   Looked better on iPhone 6 Plus Less clunky design Less nagging to buy subscriptions for features that are hardly worth the money. $8.99 for a year for what seems to only be a mild effort at filtering and offline reading? Nah... Content, albeit well written some of the time, simply isn't unique enough to be worth paying for. You get income from ads. Leave it at that.   Also, the iPhone 6 Plus is capable...
New Posts  All Forums: