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Clearly this is good info. Since the universe revolves around my family and rose is 1/3rd of our orders, the correct percentage is 33%
I didn't mention a backup, blame you, or say anything about your competence. I only said that while some people are having issues the number is low enough that the article is accurate and the issues are unfortunate but pretty minor in the scheme of things. That doesn't make it less painful for you, but your difficulties don't make the article wrong for the vast majority. However I will now say something about your character. Either you are A) a self little shit who can't...
Get a watch for Apple pay. I can't even describe how great it is to use Apple pay from your wrist. Worth the cost for that feature alone.
You do know the vast majority of people are having no issues at all, yes? That the world doesn't revolve around you?I don't doubt that some people had upgrade issues, even major brick issues, but for most people this didn't happen. Which is why most places are reporting things as if all is well. Because for most people it is.I updated 2 iPads, one old enough that everyone warned me not to update. No issues. The old mini actually runs better on 9 than on 8. Also upgraded 4...
The A9 benchmarks make me glad I am getting a phone, but looking at the jump over A8 I am likely going to try and hold on to my iPad mini until I can get an A9 in that. That is some serious CPU they crammed in there.
I never had an ad blocker before. But the number of times over the last 6 months I have been kicked out my app and I to the App Store by adds is up from never to multiple times daily. So I installed on on my Mac and iPhone just today. I am sick of this shit. You want ad money? Get better ads. That simple. Podcasts, websites, shows, they all have sponsors now. And if I respect the site or podcast, I will use the sponsor. Assuming I also need the product. But I am done...
Good to know, if comcast ever fixes my connection maybe I will install it ths weekend. Anyone else have experience with it?
I am just curious if anyone has tried the new iOS on an original mini, and if so how it compared to either 8 or 7. Anyone take the plunge?
Those are just mean. You know I am viewing those on the iPad in question, yeah?I can hear it cry quietly...
Between this and the graphs that don't even include my original 2012 mini, I think it might just be time to finally upgrade... Do I even want to know how far this thing outpaces my poor mini? Maybe not.
New Posts  All Forums: