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No, it isn't. But concentrating on making a small number of good models rather than shotgunning a million crap designs across the market might help.
Now double the electric Golfs range before I am the market for my next car and I will consider one...
I believe you answered your own question...
Is it even possible to set the bar lower?
I think we need to be honest and say that there is no scenario where the doubters would have accepted the Watch as a successful launch. The only possible numbers for the Watch Apple could release that would be perceived as a success by everyone is if they sold more Watches than iPhones and then explained that clearly many people bought Watches so they could buy an iPhone later. ...which would clearly be impossible from a manufacturing stand point, a sales stand point, or a...
We usually leave that to psychologists, though both they and we might point you to "cognitive dissonance" on this. Well, that and confirmation bias. Very closely related. If person A decides they dislike Apple, or that Apple is an evil company, or that Apple is doomed to fail, they tend to collect evidence that they think supports their hypothesis, mostly because finding evidence that disagrees with the hypothesis suggests that they are wrong. If they are wrong, they are...
Is there an (android) app for that?
So iOS has most of the public wifi logins, most of the airport usage, most of the business usage, most of the podcast usage, most of the ad displays, and makes most many in app sales... What are android phones used for? I have seen some in the wild, I know they exist. Are they used? And if so for what?
 Most of my friends are Apple Fans....not one of them has an iPod. Somehow it just didn't make sense to spend £600 on an iTunes extension. Better to save the cash and buy a CD player. -signed 2002
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