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But if you use that card as your preferred ApplePay card, do you still get those perks? And the Apple rewards? Why would that not be your new preferred payment?
Heh, "superior"! Good one.
Maybe you should read it.
I doubt believe this rumor, because Apples rumored service is said to be about music, and Kanye does not and never has made music.
I wonder if any watch company execs will read this...
That's too bad ATT, after 11 years, you might have just lost my families business.
I would rather Google fix whatever gmail password update problem is preventing everyone who changed passwords at my university in the last month from accessing their email. I warned the school entrusting data and infrastructure to the scum at Google would cost them. Now, just in time for grades dozens of professors are locked out of the schools primary communication method. Smooth work Google. Smooth.
You might consider reading the constitution, the letters of the founders, or John Locke, from whom the founders stole liberally. What you are calling "forced compassion" is literally the definition of government under Locke.Saying that isn't the American government is like reading Hamlet and wondering why everyone else is talking about royal families and revenge when it was clearly about you bookish prince...
Was a great study a while back where they asked people about "obamacare" and the ACA and then described the plan but gave it no name. Something like 46% liked obamacare, 58% liked the ACA and 70 something liked the plan when told what it did. All for the same plan. Americans are amazingly tribal and easily blinded sometimes... All humans are, but living here I see it in Americans easiest.
All of them indeed. But it turns out, relatively speaking, George was the smart one. Sad considering he is clearly the stupidest person to have ever been an American president.
New Posts  All Forums: