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You can call it the "I am trying to justify my purchases effect" for all I care. The fact remains that the test you want me to do has been done to death, and the vast majority of people can't tell, or even care.In fact it has been A B C where C just sounded like switching to a different song, but played the same. And most people just can't tell.Again, if it gets you more mileage for the dollar, good for you. Go for it. But this story is a no fly runor, because Apple...
Sure there is a measurable difference. But you can't hear it. If i create two smooth surfaces, one of which is measurably smoother, but not by enough to be detected by human touch, and have you feel them, by definition you can't tell the difference. But if I tell you they are different, and now suddenly you feel it, what is that?  Strictly speaking the placebo effect is only used for medicine. I am pointing out that the same psychological effect can happen in other...
Then more than most you should be aware of the placebo effect that has millions of people claiming to suffer a poor mans version of what you actually have. And no, you don't need to justify that you get more imaginary enjoyment from the imaginary sound quality that your brain creates. By all means spend more money to feel better. That is the heart of capitalism. But you should know that your brain is lying to ears. That extra money, and unmeasurable sound quality is an...
No. they really don't. Microsoft tried this argument as well. It isn't right, and shouldn't be allowed. Feel free to sign up for my ethics class. Having said that, it seems unlikely that Apple actually has done anything, so the point is moot.
Based on the underwhelming response the pathetic also ran service for wealthy artists is receiving, they need all the publicity they can get.
Extensive listening tests show that the difference you hear is exactly like the problems of the gluten intolerant. May I introduce you to the placebo effect. May you have a wonderful life together.
Any chance you want to tell us what numbers it will disappoint us with? Because the FUD over the watch is rather old at this point, and you might want to distinguish yourself from the Ben Frost type crowd if you actually have something to say.
You might want to read that again. I took it as a 53% decline from last quarter, 16.3-10.7 from same quarter last year.
Not sure why I would trust those numbers. Not sure Google should either. I have seen way too many things that would count as an "Android device" that likely shouldn't.
This alone may push me to get a watch. Giving daily slideshows really starts to wear on you.....   Related note: anyone know a good control for keynote from the phone? Yes, I know keynote on my iPhone lets me control the keynotes on my iPad, but having a 500+ meg app just to be a remote kinda sucks.
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