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Totally unexpected! Who could have foreseen it? ...anyone else already laughing at the trolls from Tuesday claiming that Apple stock would never be above 100 again because the keynote was such a let down?
Any reason it is not appearing for me? The single was pretty good, was looking forward to hearing the entire thing...
Not at all sure how this work with the Watch.  Does it only work with the watch with the iPhone 6? Does the watch add NFC to the abilities of the 5S? Does the 5S secure enclave extend to Apple Pay and the limitation is NFC?  Interesting to see how this plays out.
But he is entertaining.  I have enjoyed it.   I do need to get back to work though.  I have to restructure my informal logic class.  I plan on using TS as an example.  It should be a fun semester.
 I have no idea what you think those numbers mean.  I have no relation to those numbers.  You are inventing them. This is another example of your favorite argument.  I stated the cost and return of my system.  You used other numbers entirely to prove me wrong.  This misrepresentation is (stop me if you have heard this before) an example of the straw man argument. But lets play along. Currently most of the reputable companies offer 25 year warranties.  In other words, at...
 No, I am not.  I never stated that.  I said that is what I get. Have you ever heard of the straw man argument?  That is what happens when someone changes an argument to an easier argument that was not originally made because they think it is easier to defeat the changed argument.  You know, like when someone suggests that another person has generalized their situation to everyone, when they are in fact answering a specific question about their own situation. There is...
The bloody damn desert, and 20%
 True story.  The joined date on my blurb is an artifact due to the "Time Machine" app on the new iOS.  It replaced a 1 with a 0.  I actually joined in 2104.  The good news is the new "Time Machine" is both more fun and more literal.  Also, I like being able to power my Tesla X-VII hover car from the installed solar on my iWatch. Other good news, you can still take a submarine tour of the "Monument to Stupidity" where the last of the climate change deniers drowned in the...
 Okay, I will. Hey!  Good news!  My home install cost $0.11 per kWh over panel lifetime, which is considerably cheaper than than any other source here at my house! Plus, I didn't have to destabilize the middle east to do it!
 That may be true in your mind, but I am not responsible for what you think. I notice you don't bother to actually reply to any of the things actually written.  Perhaps you should go back and figure out your failure to understand any of the fallacies you posted about?
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