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I did that and it worked for most apps.  Two did not show as having updates at that time.  Two days later everything worked properly.  Ah, the wonder and miracles of electronics!
I am showing 7 apps to be updated, but when I open app store to update, I do not get the update bar nor when I tap updates in bottom taskbar nothing happens.. Help!!
I am new to this iphone smartphone business and have just discovered on line radio. My question is, does anyone have any suggestion for an adapter so that I could pick up some of the stations on the phone and listen to them through my truck stero. It's a Ford F250 with the in dash 6 cd changer, no cassette, no inputs, so I will probably need something that generates a local FM signal and listen through the radio function. Something that will keep the phone charged...
Does anyone make a Docking Station/stand that will work with a 4s in an Otterbox Defender case?
I am having a bit of trouble getting Siri to understand me. Right now I am trying to get it to understand commands to initiate phone call. It understands most names in my contact list, but it took me 3 days to get it to understand Anne, my wife's name. It continually said it did not understand "and" an other strange things. Now I am having trouble with the word home, the last time it could not find Jose, and that is not in my contact list. It probably does not...
I just figured it out. This new I phone 4s is the first Apple product I have had since 1997, when my son changed colleges. They were big into PC's so I got one for him and have been going that route since then. Before then I had a Mac Performa, which I had upgraded and accelerated. I have a local guy who is Windows certified, that built my last PC, and he is good, not only for building but for support so I may stay the PC route on my desktop. Next laptop will be a Mac.
I just tried installing i cloud on my laptop pc and signed in and it says valid apple Id but not I cloud account. Any suggestions as how to access i cloud?
New Posts  All Forums: