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 But you probably didn't see people doing what I did. I wanted a Wii but I don't play that obnoxious game of chasing after a silly piece of consumer electronics. Once it was clear that it was difficult to purchase the Wii for MSRP, I simply didn't buy it and never have. I eventually got a PS3, a lot later after I lost interest in the Wii. I had a iPhone 3 and still use my iPhone 4 (which I got at launch without any problems) off contract for <$50/month total. The iPhone 5...
Apple's marketing is really good. They now tout a steel frame inside the plastic shell !!!   As if other plastic phones do not have a steel frame inside. Almost all of them do. There is nothing special with Apple's steel frame inside the plastic shell.   And in the USA, you have to be penny wise, pound foolish (or prefer plastic) to buy the 5c over the 5s. $99 + ~$100/month x 24 = $2499 for the 5c or $199 + ~$100/month x 24 = $2599 for the 5s. The 5c is a total 3.8%...
So if you are too poor to afford a phone at retail you somehow have enough money to pay the outrageous total ATT or Verizon bill EACH MONTH plus extra fee to upgrade early? Is that for ADD suckers who can't fit $600 into their budget when they want a new phone? It's sooo much cheaper to go prepaid and simply purchase the phone unsubsidized. Even twice a year, if one is that antsy to stay current.
You don't have to know anything about history to know that other mutable characteristics are protected rights, like freedom of religion. Unless you were born Christian like Jesus?!And no, sexual orientation can't be changed for at least some people.
That's likely because the "don't ask me again" option in iTunes doesn't work and one gets continuously harassed by the update dialog box when attaching the phone to the computer.
No lightning port?
  DFW is one of the biggest metroplexes in the USA, not BFE.   TMO officially called Dallas "refarmed" for iPhone 3G compatibility and has billboards up that advertise switching to them with an iPhone.   It's not about so-so service, it's about unusable data speeds because even Edge is not really working here.
I was on TMO for six months until January 2013 with my unlocked iP4 in Dallas. It was horrid because of the incomplete spectrum re-allocation. 3G only in spots and never indoors. Edge unusable (latencies of 5+seconds, 1kbps "speeds").  ATT is ridiculously expensive but LTE absolutely flies on the iP5 in Dallas. TMO was really only adequate for voice, not for data on the iPhone.   If they don't get their network iPhone compatible before this event they'll piss off a...
With an external antenna they could implement an iCat.
Did your 4S stutter when it was first released? No. Not a single iPhone was choppy when it was released. They get choppy with iOS updates (that's why I don't update anymore).   I wouldn't put it past Apple to insert wait states in iOS based on iPhone version as an incentive to upgrade. If the single core A5 runs a current iOS version smoothly then I know that this assumption is true.
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