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 TWC in Dallas offers:20 channels: $20/month20 channels + HBO: $30/month70 channels: $40/month200 channels: $50/month200 channels + HBO: $70/month So it's not just 200 channels or nothing. It is 200 channels or 70 channels or 20 channels with or without HBO. Not that different from Apple's cable subscription service.
What a cynical and evil comparison. Brandan Eich didn't face consequences for being straight. He faced consequences because gay and straight employees refused to work for him for being an anti-gay bigot who actively worked against equal rights. You are either willfully ignorant of the real reason why Brandan Eich was under fire or you are dim.
We've had the original iPhone, two 3Gs, two 4, one 5 and now two 6 in our household. The 5 needed a new screen. $50 from Amazon.Never bought AppleCare, never will. Saved 8x AppleCare so far.
How about improving the db infrastructure then? My point still stands.Good luck with Apple Pay if Apple's db infrastructure can't even handle a very much predictable phone launch.
But this is 2014 and in the big picture, even the huge number of iPhone customers is no match to technology.Unless prohibited by law, Apple could negotiate a customer upgrade eligibility status and option dump from each carrier in the USA ahead of the launch and do preliminary processing offline (like they do with CC numbers). Even if there are a billion potential customers, that data file would by a few GB, hardly a technological hurdle.Personally, I think any technical...
But why can Apple's system serve up high res graphics to everyone trying to order? So megabytes of flashy website graphics is no problem but once it comes to exchanging a handful of bytes to order, the system breaks down?
 But you probably didn't see people doing what I did. I wanted a Wii but I don't play that obnoxious game of chasing after a silly piece of consumer electronics. Once it was clear that it was difficult to purchase the Wii for MSRP, I simply didn't buy it and never have. I eventually got a PS3, a lot later after I lost interest in the Wii. I had a iPhone 3 and still use my iPhone 4 (which I got at launch without any problems) off contract for <$50/month total. The iPhone 5...
Apple's marketing is really good. They now tout a steel frame inside the plastic shell !!!   As if other plastic phones do not have a steel frame inside. Almost all of them do. There is nothing special with Apple's steel frame inside the plastic shell.   And in the USA, you have to be penny wise, pound foolish (or prefer plastic) to buy the 5c over the 5s. $99 + ~$100/month x 24 = $2499 for the 5c or $199 + ~$100/month x 24 = $2599 for the 5s. The 5c is a total 3.8%...
So if you are too poor to afford a phone at retail you somehow have enough money to pay the outrageous total ATT or Verizon bill EACH MONTH plus extra fee to upgrade early? Is that for ADD suckers who can't fit $600 into their budget when they want a new phone? It's sooo much cheaper to go prepaid and simply purchase the phone unsubsidized. Even twice a year, if one is that antsy to stay current.
You don't have to know anything about history to know that other mutable characteristics are protected rights, like freedom of religion. Unless you were born Christian like Jesus?!And no, sexual orientation can't be changed for at least some people.
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