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That's likely because the "don't ask me again" option in iTunes doesn't work and one gets continuously harassed by the update dialog box when attaching the phone to the computer.
No lightning port?
  DFW is one of the biggest metroplexes in the USA, not BFE.   TMO officially called Dallas "refarmed" for iPhone 3G compatibility and has billboards up that advertise switching to them with an iPhone.   It's not about so-so service, it's about unusable data speeds because even Edge is not really working here.
I was on TMO for six months until January 2013 with my unlocked iP4 in Dallas. It was horrid because of the incomplete spectrum re-allocation. 3G only in spots and never indoors. Edge unusable (latencies of 5+seconds, 1kbps "speeds").  ATT is ridiculously expensive but LTE absolutely flies on the iP5 in Dallas. TMO was really only adequate for voice, not for data on the iPhone.   If they don't get their network iPhone compatible before this event they'll piss off a...
With an external antenna they could implement an iCat.
Did your 4S stutter when it was first released? No. Not a single iPhone was choppy when it was released. They get choppy with iOS updates (that's why I don't update anymore).   I wouldn't put it past Apple to insert wait states in iOS based on iPhone version as an incentive to upgrade. If the single core A5 runs a current iOS version smoothly then I know that this assumption is true.
Maybe the FAA should make a rule that every commercial aircraft must be hardy enough to tolerate consumer electronics. An aircraft shouldn't be so fickle that it may cause problems if someone accidentally leaves their iPad on during take-off or landing.   IMO, the original rule is a CYA example probably originating from when GSM chirps annoyed some pilots with their crappy intercom to the tower. 
No. But you can't deny that the change in iOS leadership was extraordinary.From a stock future point of view, the current 70% share in profits are a liability because it's more likely to shrink than grow, given the vastly improved competition.
  Sure, there's a good chance that Apple will continue to be super successful. But if you are responsible for a LOT of money, chances are you'll invest in something a bit less volatile right now. The 10+ years of success were on a much smaller level than from 2007 (more like 2008) on. And there was the visionary Steve Jobs. And there was no real competition in 2008, 2009, 2010 for the iPhone.   Now you have extreme competition in the smart phone space and an unproven CEO...
Yes, it does. Apple is massively dependent on the continued success of their iOS devices, which is competing in a dog-eat-dog world. One unsuccessful release cycle and Apple's PE will be 50+. That's one big reason why the stock is tanking.   Google does NOT have this problem. Their outlook is much more stable.   It's the Nokia, RIM, Palm effect.
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