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Maybe the FAA should make a rule that every commercial aircraft must be hardy enough to tolerate consumer electronics. An aircraft shouldn't be so fickle that it may cause problems if someone accidentally leaves their iPad on during take-off or landing.   IMO, the original rule is a CYA example probably originating from when GSM chirps annoyed some pilots with their crappy intercom to the tower. 
No. But you can't deny that the change in iOS leadership was extraordinary.From a stock future point of view, the current 70% share in profits are a liability because it's more likely to shrink than grow, given the vastly improved competition.
  Sure, there's a good chance that Apple will continue to be super successful. But if you are responsible for a LOT of money, chances are you'll invest in something a bit less volatile right now. The 10+ years of success were on a much smaller level than from 2007 (more like 2008) on. And there was the visionary Steve Jobs. And there was no real competition in 2008, 2009, 2010 for the iPhone.   Now you have extreme competition in the smart phone space and an unproven CEO...
Yes, it does. Apple is massively dependent on the continued success of their iOS devices, which is competing in a dog-eat-dog world. One unsuccessful release cycle and Apple's PE will be 50+. That's one big reason why the stock is tanking.   Google does NOT have this problem. Their outlook is much more stable.   It's the Nokia, RIM, Palm effect.
I went from $129/month (original "unlimited" iPhone ATT plan, no text, some international calls, taxes, fees) to ~$50/month (Straighttalk + Google voice for international) on my out of contract IP4. Once Apple releases a phone that is truly worth the $700 price over my current IP4, I'll buy it unsubsidized and go with an MVNO or TMO (if they ever get their network in order) prepaid. If the only option is an expensive $100+ contract on the big carriers, I'll go...
Since when is this tax which some here desperately cling to as a reason for the drop specific to Apple? Shouldn't the whole market have fallen the same? The Dow is up 0.64% today and the Nasdaq is down 0.77%. Neither is down 6.43% like Apple. So either this tax applies just to Apple or this explanation for Apple's drop today is silly.
Over-extending iOS development? You must be joking. It's not 2007 anymore. Maybe instead of paying out $2.5 Billion to shareholders, Apple should invest in better software QA.
Even with the added taxes (additional shipping doesn't count because Shenzhen is closer to Europe than the US), Apple gear is more expensive in Europe than the US, so the added margin should cover the extra 2 year warranty that is mandated by law.   I love Apple hardware - the design and build quality is so nice. Apple Care however is one of those bizarre offerings that every electronics retailer loves to pitch which is pure profit made on chickenshit...
Yeah, but Tallest Skill apparently thinks that law is a perfect binary discipline. There is either right or wrong. Following the letter of the law is not the end all, be all. There's also intent and disrespect, concepts that (s)he doesn't seem to accept.
Given that the most important components inside the iPad are from Samsung, the judge should have ordered Apple to prominently display: Samsung Inside in 12 point black bold font next to every instance of the word iPad.
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