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Which enables a low-middle class lifestyle in Cupertino and other valley cities. I would never work there for that little money.
It's not that difficult to get hired by Apple. I assumed you aren't working there. Why?
LOL, how to get rid of an inconvenient VP:   1. assign impossible task (but seemingly possible enough so that the mile-high ego VP signs on) 2. don't veto the release of the results from this task 3. let the shit hit the fan 4. issue apology letter and let that VP lose face 5. make the case for this VP dismissal in front of the board. Because the failure cost Apple a fortune in reputation. 6. FIRED !!!
It's just embarrassing that a company of the caliber of Apple cannot launch a product without shortages. And no, this is not a sign of overwhelming demand for magically awesome products. It's either a sign of poor planning or arrogant scarcity marketing, neither of which is flattering. They don't even have their own factories, so if it's really about production limitations, then they are just too cheap to pay Foxconn etc. to assemble more.
OMG!!!!! I need to pre-order ten ASAP so that I can get rich on EBAY !!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!!!1!!!! It'll be this year's Cabbage Patch Kids 11!!!!!1!!!!1!1!!!!!
  Honey, my professional background is about 15 years in CE (as in Consumer Electronics) both in engineering and management and contrary to you (most likely, making an assumption now), I have worked with Samsung's semiconductor business for years and I know their culture very well. So spare my this condescending BS. Do you even know how Samsung is structured? You honestly believe their BS about their internal firewalls? If so, bless your heart.   And "a couple of...
@Godwin's Law invoker:   I'm sorry but given how vitriolic people are against Samsung in these quarters it's mind bending to be simultaneously totally cool with Apple purchasing vital components from "Shamesung / Samescum".   Every time I'm disgusted with that Korean copy-machine (and I have a special disgust for them given that I had the pleasure to go through their obscene security procedures in Suwon many times in the past. Samsung as a company is paranoid...
To funny how y'all rant about Samsung but the RAM is a Samsung PoP on top of Apple's A6 (made by Samsung).   I can understand rooting for a team (Apple) but I would feel a bit stupid rooting that hard for a team if that team "cheats" on me by doing so much business with the enemy LOL!
LOL ATT !   They had me as a customer since 2007. Average bill was $125/month. This was without a text messaging plan but with international calling (metered). Well, they had their wish and had me cancel their unlimited data plan.   But then, when my iPhone4 contract expired, I had them unlock my phone and switched to T-mobile pre-paid. So instead of $125/month they get $0/month from me and will never get me back as a customer. And I will badmouth them...
I also think that Scott Forstall is extremely creepy. I get a really vicious backstabbing crazy vibe from that guy. He would be a horrible choice as the public face.
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