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I went from $129/month (original "unlimited" iPhone ATT plan, no text, some international calls, taxes, fees) to ~$50/month (Straighttalk + Google voice for international) on my out of contract IP4. Once Apple releases a phone that is truly worth the $700 price over my current IP4, I'll buy it unsubsidized and go with an MVNO or TMO (if they ever get their network in order) prepaid. If the only option is an expensive $100+ contract on the big carriers, I'll go...
Since when is this tax which some here desperately cling to as a reason for the drop specific to Apple? Shouldn't the whole market have fallen the same? The Dow is up 0.64% today and the Nasdaq is down 0.77%. Neither is down 6.43% like Apple. So either this tax applies just to Apple or this explanation for Apple's drop today is silly.
Over-extending iOS development? You must be joking. It's not 2007 anymore. Maybe instead of paying out $2.5 Billion to shareholders, Apple should invest in better software QA.
Even with the added taxes (additional shipping doesn't count because Shenzhen is closer to Europe than the US), Apple gear is more expensive in Europe than the US, so the added margin should cover the extra 2 year warranty that is mandated by law.   I love Apple hardware - the design and build quality is so nice. Apple Care however is one of those bizarre offerings that every electronics retailer loves to pitch which is pure profit made on chickenshit...
Yeah, but Tallest Skill apparently thinks that law is a perfect binary discipline. There is either right or wrong. Following the letter of the law is not the end all, be all. There's also intent and disrespect, concepts that (s)he doesn't seem to accept.
Given that the most important components inside the iPad are from Samsung, the judge should have ordered Apple to prominently display: Samsung Inside in 12 point black bold font next to every instance of the word iPad.
Which enables a low-middle class lifestyle in Cupertino and other valley cities. I would never work there for that little money.
It's not that difficult to get hired by Apple. I assumed you aren't working there. Why?
LOL, how to get rid of an inconvenient VP:   1. assign impossible task (but seemingly possible enough so that the mile-high ego VP signs on) 2. don't veto the release of the results from this task 3. let the shit hit the fan 4. issue apology letter and let that VP lose face 5. make the case for this VP dismissal in front of the board. Because the failure cost Apple a fortune in reputation. 6. FIRED !!!
It's just embarrassing that a company of the caliber of Apple cannot launch a product without shortages. And no, this is not a sign of overwhelming demand for magically awesome products. It's either a sign of poor planning or arrogant scarcity marketing, neither of which is flattering. They don't even have their own factories, so if it's really about production limitations, then they are just too cheap to pay Foxconn etc. to assemble more.
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