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So what becomes of the old campus? Is it abandoned? Torn down? Still used? Sold? Sublet? Curious to know.
So when is the shareholder meeting? Still have not heard anything.
That would be an incredibly stupid move. It would be like going back to the days of the Power PC chip. Windows compatibility would be gone, the critical reason the mac has made the in-roads into the PC market that it has today. The Mac would go back to being a niche product.
I'm not exactly sure what the beef with Apple is. The Canadian telecommunications industry (along with many others), is the most uncompetitive and closely protected industry in the country. The telcos and cable companies are amongst the most profitable, richest, and most powerful companies we have. The entire thing seems to be a farce. If anything, Apple has been breaking the power of the telephone companies! They should be lauded for that. Why don't we deal with REAL...
So has anyone else noticed the interesting change in the maps app icon in iOS 8???
Such a different time when that video was made. No one has any anti-static clothing or gloves. Such a far cry from the way electronics are made today. 
It will be nice for the Pac Center store will be expanded, or in this case moved. It was the original Apple store in BC, but the store is  just so small.     Now, if we can only get a store on the North Shore in the Park Royal mall's massive expansion.....
Who said the meeting was Feb 28? Was there a formal announcement yet?
I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7. One of the things I'm finding is when I am on a call the proximity sensor fails, and I start to ear dial. Very annoying.    
Not to mention Hawaii 5-0. In the first season everyone had iPhones. Now they have windows phones, as well as the Surface......
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