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So has anyone else noticed the interesting change in the maps app icon in iOS 8???
Such a different time when that video was made. No one has any anti-static clothing or gloves. Such a far cry from the way electronics are made today. 
It will be nice for the Pac Center store will be expanded, or in this case moved. It was the original Apple store in BC, but the store is  just so small.     Now, if we can only get a store on the North Shore in the Park Royal mall's massive expansion.....
Who said the meeting was Feb 28? Was there a formal announcement yet?
I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7. One of the things I'm finding is when I am on a call the proximity sensor fails, and I start to ear dial. Very annoying.    
Not to mention Hawaii 5-0. In the first season everyone had iPhones. Now they have windows phones, as well as the Surface......
Just out of curiosity, why won't the Ballmer videos in the story play on  my MBP, (blocked plug-in),  but they will play on my iPad? 
About time! Can't wait for the door to hit monkey boy's ass. One has to wonder if he is being pushed out though.......
OK, thanks for the reply. I already re-booted my phone twice, the hotspot option is still gone. I'll have to visit a Genius bar to see if they have a solution.   
As a bit of an aside, I'm with Fido in Canada, and updated my iPhone to 6.0.2. Yesterday I went to use my wifi hotspot for the first time since the upgrade, to tether my iPad, and nothing happened. I went to try it again, and the option for 'personal hotspot' was gone! Anyone else have encountered this? 
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