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Just out of curiosity, why won't the Ballmer videos in the story play on  my MBP, (blocked plug-in),  but they will play on my iPad? 
About time! Can't wait for the door to hit monkey boy's ass. One has to wonder if he is being pushed out though.......
OK, thanks for the reply. I already re-booted my phone twice, the hotspot option is still gone. I'll have to visit a Genius bar to see if they have a solution.   
As a bit of an aside, I'm with Fido in Canada, and updated my iPhone to 6.0.2. Yesterday I went to use my wifi hotspot for the first time since the upgrade, to tether my iPad, and nothing happened. I went to try it again, and the option for 'personal hotspot' was gone! Anyone else have encountered this? 
So Micro just invented a $500 thing that goes click.....   Even the ad flogging the "clicking" of the cover is not even original. Apple used that as the centerpiece of their iPad 2 smart cover campaign.....        http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=apple+2+smart+cover+commercial&docid=4864802858205238&mid=E85DF49CF126EB19A64AE85DF49CF126EB19A64A&view=detail&FORM=VIRE3
My point is I use iPhone for 50 different apps, e-mail, the phone, the calendar, maps, notes, the calculator, the clock, the weather, Siri, reminders, iBooks, the GPS, safari, music, the camera, photos,and videos.  Which does contract your evidence.  
I use the iPod app in my iPhone every day, as well as e-mail, contacts, so much more. I was listening to the baseball game on "WunderRadio" yesterday. Reading up on the Veep debate on the USA today app, were I tweeted in the twitter link the the app the story about the giant eyeball washing up on shore. Used "Twitterrific" to view my tweet feeds. Used Siri to make reminders, get the weather outlook for the week, updated a schedule on my Calendar, punched in and out of...
Your friend might do well to try a Rogers kiosk. If he hasn't done so already. The day after I activated my iPhone 5 on Fido, I received an e-mail from them offering a $50 discount to go on a waiting list.......  
Again, as I have pointed out, WRONG! Facebook has an aggregate base of 1 billion user ACCOUNTS! Why everyone seems to equate every account with a unique users is beyond me. There are at least 150-200 million accounts that are duplicates, deactivated, dormant, fake, used only for games, what have you. I have three accounts, one I use for gaming, another one I logged into for the first time in three years. Does that make three separate active monthly users?  A lot of other...
OK. I'm using Siri  for the first time. liking it. Have to get used to her now. 
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