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Woz may be getting one for research purposes. Know your enemy. Do a little reverse engineering to see how it ticks.
Too much!!!
One of the reasons that made Jobs great, amount many, was that he always wanted to be the best. Every other corporation in the world is just in it to make money. Everything else is secondary. The difference between Apple and Microsolth are legion. Apple, it just works great. Microsloth, if it works, great! A quote from the film "Robocop" is so true. Ronnie Cox's character is explaining the way things work during the fight scene at the end, "we had contracts, spare parts...
Thanks, I'll check into this.
A little off topic I know, but is anyone else having problems with their Safari crashing? Mine started a few weeks ago, and crashes EVERY session I uses my iPad. At least two or three times a session. Getting really tired of this......
Thanks for the welcome. Nice reply. Not sure who the usual suspectz are. I'm not picking on you, I'm just sad to see how our language is being taken down to the lowest common demoninator. Instead of trying to educucated the illiterate, we are going the other way, embracing the dumbness, and incorporating it into our culture. The da house, instead of the correct "in THE house". We are raising future generations who have little to no proper grammar and spelling...
Could we please not dumb down English? The plural to a word is "s". Not "z". We must fight to keep our grammar proper. Not have it diluted and dumbed down by illiterates, and annoying cultural "trends". After all, is what we want to be handing down to our posterity??? Pictures. Devices. Screens.
Very nice. Speaking of Jobs owning the cube, any word on the Jobs estate?
I'm about half way through as well. The more you read about the man, his quirks and flaws, he was not perfect, but his genius was unquestioned. The way he infused himself into his products. No one but Jobs could have done half the things he was able to. Will Apple grow and prosper post Jobs? I guess, we will find out. One thing is for certain, the drive and dedication he drew from his employees will never be replaceced. The reality distortion field may have been the...
Who do these Samsung idiots think they are? They want the iPhone source code, they want to interview anyone who has a hand at Apple's helm. What next. Why don't we just save time and hand over the keys to the kingdom to these __________. (Fill in colourful metaphor). Time to put an end to Sammy's antics!!!
New Posts  All Forums: